Music Writer Anthony Kuzminski Praised Rock Star Tom Petty in a 2007

Question 103

Music writer Anthony Kuzminski praised rock star Tom Petty in a 2007 article in the online Unrated Magazine.Kuzminski wrote: "Something Petty never can get enough credit for is his fan-friendly attitude.He kept ticket prices for [his concerts] at $50 when other acts this summer are charging upwards of $100 for stadium gigs.Petty could charge more,but he doesn't see the point.He has stated time and time again he still makes millions when he's on the road,regardless of his ticket prices.He is the last of the fan friendly rock stars out there." Use economic reasoning to write a rationale for Tom Petty's decision to charge prices for his band's ("Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers")concerts that are less than market clearing prices. Source: Anthony Kuzminski,"Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers at the Vic Theater"