Q 138

Fastly Company had the following budgeted information for October: 1 October 1 cash balance $3,500 2 Expected sales 2,500 units at $25 each (half in cash, remainder on credit due in November) 3 Merchandise inventory purchases 3,000 units at $14 each (all in cash) 4 Rent $1,450 5 Payroll $1,000 6 Utilities and other costs $4,500 7 Accounts receivable balance Oct. 1, $35,000 ( $700 of which is estimated to be bad debts Required: A. Calculate the budgeted collection on accounts receivable for October. B. Calculate the total cash disbursements for October. C. Calculate the ending cash balance for October. D. Assuming sales are collected 75% in the month of sale and 25% the following month, calculate the ending cash balance for October.