[Solved] A Company Sells Two Products with Information as Follows:

Question 131
Multiple Choice

A company sells two products with information as follows: img The products are machine made.Four units of product A can be made with one machine hour and two units of product B can be made with one machine hour.The company has a maximum of 3,000 machine hours available per month.The company can sell up to 18,000 units of product A per month,and up to 3,000 units of product B for the month.What is the optimum product mix to maximize company's operating income?

A) 1,500 units of A and 60,000 units of B
B) 6,000 units of A and 3,000 units of B
C) zero units of A and 3,000 units of B
D) 12,000 units of A and zero units of B

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