Determine the Cell Notation for the Redox Reaction Given Below:

Question 4
Multiple Choice

Determine the cell notation for the redox reaction given below: Pb(s)+ 2H+ (aq)→ Pb2+(aq)+ H2(g) A)H+(aq)| H2(g)| Pt(s) img Pb(s)| Pb2+(aq) B)H2(g)| H+(aq)| Pt(s) img Pb2+(aq)| Pb(s) C)Pb2+(aq)| Pb(s) img H2(g)| H+(aq)| Pt(s) D)Pb(s)| Pb2+(aq) img H+(aq)| H2(g)| Pt(s) E)Pb(s)| H2(g) img Pb2+(aq)| H+(aq)| Pt(s)