Joe Is the Owner of the 7-11 Mini Mart,sam Is

Question 7
Multiple Choice

Joe is the owner of the 7-11 Mini Mart,Sam is the owner of the SuperAmerica Mini Mart and together they are the only gas stations in town.At the current price of $3 per gallon,both receive total revenues of $1,000.Joe is considering cutting his price to $2.90,which would increase his total revenue to $1,350 if Sam continues to charge $3.If Sam's price remains $3 after Joe cuts his price,Sam will collect $500 in revenues.If Sam cuts his price to $2.90,his total revenues would also rise to $1,350 if Joe continues to charge $3.Joe will collect $500 in revenues if he keeps his price at $3 while Sam lowers his to $2.90.Joe and Sam will receive $900 each in total revenue if they both lower their price to $2.90.You may find it easier to answer the following question if you fill in the payoff matrix below. img Refer to the information given above.To Sam,cutting his price to $2.90 is a: A) revenue maximizing strategy. B) dominant strategy. C) dominated strategy. D) profit maximizing strategy.