Hatfield and Mccoy Burn with Hatred for Each Other

Question 25
Multiple Choice

Hatfield and McCoy burn with hatred for each other. They both consume corn whisky. Hatfield's utility function is img and McCoy's utility is img , where WH is Hatfield's whisky consumption and WM is McCoy's whisky consumption, measured in gallons. The sheriff has a total of 58 gallons of confiscated whisky which he could give back to them. For some reason, the sheriff wants them both to be as happy as possible and he wants to treat them equally. The sheriff should give them each A) 2 gallons and spill 54 gallons in the creek. B) 4 gallons and spill 50 gallons in the creek. C) 29 gallons. D) 8 gallons and spill the rest in the creek. E) 1 gallon and spill the rest in the creek.