[Solved] Match the Drug in Column 1 with the Type of Overdose

Question 67
Short Answer

Match the drug in Column 1 with the type of overdose or poison it is used to treat in Column 2. A)total parenteral nutrition B)anticoagulant in whole blood C)acetaminophen overdose D)maximum drug effect in shortest time E)drugs for pediatric patients via endotraecheal tube F)sodium and chloride G)ethylene glycol and methanol poisoning H)narcotic drug overdose I)lead,mercury,arsenic toxicity J)tricyclic-type antidepressant overdose 1)hyperalimentation solution 2)acetylcysteine (Acetadote 3)nalmefene (Revex) 4)physostigmine 5)succimer (Chemet) 6)I.V.push 7)fomepizole (Antizol) 8)electrolytes 9)LEAN "10)citrate

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