[Solved] The Nurse Is Providing Instructions to a Patient Who Has

Question 12
Multiple Choice

The nurse is providing instructions to a patient who has a new prescription for a corticosteroid metered-dose inhaler. Which statement by the patient indicates that further instruction is needed?

A) "I will rinse my mouth with water after using the inhaler and then spit out the water."
B) "I will gargle after using the inhaler and then swallow."
C) "I will clean the plastic inhaler casing weekly by removing the canister and then washing the casing in warm soapy water. I will then let it dry before reassembling."
D) "I will use this inhaler for asthma attacks."
E) "I will continue to use this inhaler, even if I am feeling better."
F) "I will use a peak flow meter to measure my response to therapy."

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