Q 70

Scenario 19-2 Many marketers define their social media strategies around six core concepts: (1) listening, learning, responding, and repeating; (2) building relationships and trust; (3) promoting products and services; (4) managing your reputation; (5) improving customer service; (6) championing those who champion you. Marketers should also keep in mind that, more and more, customers expect companies to use social media. According to a recent survey, more than half of all consumers want ongoing conversations with companies and brands-and of consumers who use social media themselves, a whopping 85 percent believe that companies should have an active social media presence. Marketers who embrace such consumers can harness the power of social media and ultimately improve profits and brand loyalty. -Refer to the scenario. What do consumers' opinions about the value of social marketing reflect? A)the decreasing influence of marketing as an important factor in business B)the fact that paid media is no longer relevant in the marketing world C)the widespread shift in marketing from one-to-many communication to many-to-many communication D)the fact that customers can be easily manipulated by the onslaught of information available in the social media universe

Multiple Choice