Blunt Force to the Larynx Can Result in a Fracture

Question 9
Multiple Choice

Blunt force to the larynx can result in a fracture and impose immediate airway obstruction. These patients are at risk for a lost airway and may require immediate tracheotomy followed by repair of the fracture when the fracture is unstable or displaced. It is also important to consider that a trauma patient is assumed to have a full stomach; thus these patients are at high risk for aspiration and resultant pneumonia. What is an appropriate action in the event of a lost airway after anesthesia induction and before intubation? A)Assist the anesthesia provider with securing the airway while applying cricoid pressure. B)Assist the anesthesia provider by inserting a nasogastric tube and connecting to suction. C)Leave the room to get the emergency tracheostomy tray and trach tubes. D)Increase the oxygen delivery and perform a head tilt-chin lift.