Vascular Surgery Patients Are at Risk for Impaired Skin Integrity

Question 8
Multiple Choice

Vascular surgery patients are at risk for impaired skin integrity and ineffective tissue perfusion related to surgical positioning, presence of vascular disease, and vascular clamping. Positioning of the patient undergoing vascular surgery is of particular importance because of restricted circulation distal to the area of arterial obstruction and a generalized state of poor circulation. An appropriate protective intervention is reflected in which true statement about patient positioning for vascular surgery? A)The patient should be positioned on a radiopaque pressure-reducing mattress on the OR bed. B)The patient's vulnerable neurovascular bundles should be protected from compression. C)There should be warmed sterile saline compresses provided to bony prominences to increase vascular perfusion. D)The weight of instruments on top of the patient should be equally distributed to prevent pressure injuries.