[Solved] Use the "Nolan" Case Study Information to Answer the Questions

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Use the "Nolan" case study information to answer the questions that follow. Marla is a college student with a minor in nutrition.Her friend Nolan (of Western European descent)went to her for dietary advice.Marla began assessing Nolan's overall health by determining his age,height,weight,% body fat,waist measurement,blood pressure,and fasting blood sugar and lipid levels.She then analyzed Nolan's fast and processed food-based diet for one day.Nolan tells Marla that his wife is pregnant and he is concerned about her diet.She was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes and has been craving hot chili peppers.Marla had recently read an article published in Nutrition Today,a refereed journal.The article talked about dietary issues for pregnant women.It included the results of an intervention study with an experimental and control group design and was written by N.Osman,M.D.and J.Edwards,R.D.Following are the case study information for Nolan and the food label for the hot chili peppers that his wife has been eating. Personal Information: img One-Day Diet: Breakfast: 2 cups iron-fortified puffed rice cereal;0.75 cups 2% milk;2 cups coffee;2 tablespoons sugar;2 tablespoons cream;1 banana. Lunch: Double bacon cheeseburger;1 regular vanilla milkshake;1 regular onion rings. Snack: 3 chocolate chip cookies;2 cups 2% milk. Dinner: 2 cups pasta;1 cup spaghetti sauce;3 oz hamburger;3 light beers. Partial Diet Analysis: (Note: Nolan's EER is 2843 Calories and his energy expenditure was 2850 Calories) Carbohydrate: 314 g digestible starch,130 g simple sugars,14 g fiber,34 g alcohol FAT: 124 g (60 g SFA;45 g MUFA;19 g PUFA) PRO: 139 g Calcium: 1686 mg Phosphorus: 1618 mg Vitamin A: 901 μg Vitamin E: 7.2 mg Folate: 198 µg Vitamin C: 47 mg Iron: 45.5 mg Sodium: 4484 mg img img -Nolan got sick about 1 hour after eating the double bacon cheeseburger.This illness could have been prevented with proper food handling.

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