[Solved] This Is a 50-Question Exam

Question 28
Multiple Choice

This is a 50-question exam. Each question is worth three points. Based upon the information provided in the following case study, and the knowledge, skills, and competencies you have acquired during the semester, please solve each question and choose the best answer. You will have two hours to complete the exam. Leo and June eat a processed food diet. Basically everything they eat is from a box, bag, can, or other container. They have been married for two years and they are trying to get pregnant. She has been through fertility tests and they all have come back normal. So now they are concerned with Leo's health. Leo has agreed to have a total health assessment including diet analysis, body composition, lipid profile, blood glucose, and blood pressure in addition to seeking medical advice for male fertility. Meanwhile, June is reading up on fertility, diet, and health for both of them. Her sources of information include: Men's Magazine, the local newspaper, and the following websites: Diet-and-Health.net, healthfinder.gov, and eMaxHealth.com. As Leo had his 1-day diet analyzed, he noted that he took a Hungry Man frozen entrée out of the freezer to thaw at 7:30 AM. June opened it and warmed it up for him at 5:00 PM, but Leo didn't return home to eat it until 10:00 PM. Leo stated that he had gastrointestinal distress including cramps and diarrhea shortly after eating lunch that day. Then, within 45 minutes of eating his dinner, he had violent flu like symptoms that lasted 36 hours. Following are the results of Leo's total health assessment and diet analysis based upon a typical day of eating for him. img img -The obesity trends in the United States are tracked through the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.Both Leo and June responded to the survey.This is a(n)_____.

A)clinical trial
B)intervention trial
C)epidemiological study
D)laboratory study
E)treatment protocol study

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