A Client Has an Eye Prosthesis and Needs to Have

Question 27
Multiple Choice

A client has an eye prosthesis and needs to have it inserted into the eye socket.Place the following steps of how to insert an eye prosthesis in the correct order.(Select in order of priority.) A) Wash your hands. B) Explain the procedure to the client. C) Remove the prosthesis from its container and rinse it with tepid water. D) Cover the work area with a cloth or towel. E) Don gloves. F) Place the prosthesis between the thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand with the notched end of the prosthesis closest to the client's nose. G) Insert the prosthesis with the top edge slipping under the upper lid. H) Lift the client's upper lid using your nondominant hand. I) Retract the lower lid slightly until the bottom edge of the prosthesis slips behind it. J) Release your hand slowly. K) Gently release the upper eyelid.