A Client Who Has Just Had a Mastectomy Is Crying.when

Question 3
Multiple Choice

A client who has just had a mastectomy is crying.When the nurse asks about her crying,the client responds,"I know I shouldn't cry because this surgery may well save my life." What is the nurse's best response? A) "It is all right to cry. Mourning this loss will help make you stronger." B) "I know this is hard, but your chances of survival are better now." C) "I can arrange for someone who had a mastectomy to come visit if you like." D) "How have you coped with difficult situations in the past?"

C Often,cancer surgery involves the loss of a body part or a decrease in function.Mourning or grieving for a body image alteration is a healthy part of adapting or adjusting to a new image.Visiting with someone who has experienced the same situation as the client is very helpful in showing the client that many aspects of life can be the same afterward.If the opportunity to arrange this type of visit is available,this would be the nurse's best response.The other options do not provide any assistance to the client in coping with her new body image and grieving for her loss.