Q 32

Match each item with an statement below: a. Security f. The FCC b. Distributed attacks g. Unregulated bands c. Firewalls h. IEEE 802.11n d. IEEE i. AreTec e. IEEE 802.11u 1. restrict specific types of malware from entering a network. 2. greatest disadvantage to wireless LANs. 3. an independent government agency that is directly responsible to Congress. 4. also known as Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output Enhanced WLAN (MEW). 5. standards for how WLANs connect to external networks such as the Internet or cellular networks. 6. the world's largest technical professional society with members around the globe. 7. bands of the radio spectrum that are available nationwide to all users, without requiring a license. 8. factor that makes security increasingly difficult. 9. organization that promotes standardization in wireless technologies.

Short Answer