President Hoover Was Criticized for His Handling of the Great

Question 83
Multiple Choice

President Hoover was criticized for his handling of the Great Depression, but some historians consider this unfair for all of the following reasons except A) Hoover's moderate economic measures and measured economic policies probably paved the way for a much more aggressive government intervention and direct government relief by his successor Franklin Roosevelt. B) Hoover's willingness to sign the Norris-La Guardia Anti-Injunction Act actually provided a much needed legal boost to organized labor. C) Hoover' creation of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation actually presaged similar, if somewhat more ambitious, New Deal efforts to lift business out of the Depression by his successor Franklin Roosevelt. D) Hoover's willingness to abandon strict laissez-faire capitalism of the nineteenth century made Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal programs and policies much more politically palatable. E) Hoover's policies to relieve the suffering caused by the Depression enabled local and state governments to act more efficiently to provide immediate and long-term help to unprecedented number of Americans in need.