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SCENARIO Please Use the Following to Answer the Next Question

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SCENARIO Please use the following to answer the next question: Noah is trying to get a new job involving the management of money. He has a poor personal credit rating, but he has made better financial decisions in the past two years. One potential employer, Arnie's Emporium, recently called to tell Noah he did not get a position. As part of the application process, Noah signed a consent form allowing the employer to request his credit report from a consumer reporting agency (CRA). Noah thinks that the report hurt his chances, but believes that he may not ever know whether it was his credit that cost him the job. However, Noah is somewhat relieved that he was not offered this particular position. He noticed that the store where he interviewed was extremely disorganized. He imagines that his credit report could still be sitting in the office, unsecured. Two days ago, Noah got another interview for a position at Sam's Market. The interviewer told Noah that his credit report would be a factor in the hiring decision. Noah was surprised because he had not seen anything on paper about this when he applied. Regardless, the effect of Noah's credit on his employability troubles him, especially since he has tried so hard to improve it. Noah made his worst financial decisions fifteen years ago, and they led to bankruptcy. These were decisions he made as a young man, and most of his debt at the time consisted of student loans, credit card debt, and a few unpaid bills - all of which Noah is still working to pay off. He often laments that decisions he made fifteen years ago are still affecting him today. In addition, Noah feels that an experience investing with a large bank may have contributed to his financial troubles. In 2007, in an effort to earn money to help pay off his debt, Noah talked to a customer service representative at a large investment company who urged him to purchase stocks. Without understanding the risks, Noah agreed. Unfortunately, Noah lost a great deal of money. After losing the money, Noah was a customer of another financial institution that suffered a large security breach. Noah was one of millions of customers whose personal information was compromised. He wonders if he may have been a victim of identity theft and whether this may have negatively affected his credit. Noah hopes that he will soon be able to put these challenges behind him, build excellent credit, and find the perfect job. Consumers today are most likely protected from situations like the one Noah had buying stock because of which federal action or legislation?

A) The rules under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
B) The creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
C) Federal Trade Commission investigations into "unfair and deceptive" acts or practices.
D) Investigations of "abusive" acts and practices under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

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