Quiz 17: Managers As Leaders


The mistakes that H T made while writing the mail are as follows: 1. Panicked. H T's mail was more panicky than result oriented. It was focused on ends and not means. 2. Too many harsh words. The situation was tough but H T was too harsh in writing the mail and didn't communicate clearly. 3. No initial probe. The mail was sent to the whole team of managers and no initial probe was done by him forming a smaller team. H T was in stress because of the leaked ideas and wanted to punish the guilty immediately. The decision of what would happen next was made by him before understanding the whole situation. Thus, the mail was seen as being a little wild for everyone's likes.

Open communication climate allows supportive and trusting communication. The employees feel free to express their opinions and their suggestions are valued. All upward and downward communication is transparent and leaves no scope for any miscommunication through gossips. Human relationships are valued and thus are positively seen. The characteristics of Open communication climate are as follows: 1. Value to the Employees. Communication is directed to all the employees and transparency is maintained 2. High Trust. As information is shared, employees trust their managers and organization. 3. Room for feedback. Feedback is allowed from the employees and all others to improve the processes and thus there is no room for dissent. 4. Well Informed Employees. As employees know what is going around them there is no scope for rumors and gossip. 5. Easy Conflict resolution. This allows a healthy environment in the team and thus better productivity.

Partner B hired foreign-born employee F as an accountant in spite of the language difficulties. According to his immediate supervisor, F's work is top-notch but his language skills are impairing his ability to do his job, and the supervisor would like to let him go. The supervisor also showed a low level of tolerance for F's communication abilities in the discussion, and displayed some negative attitudes toward those born in other countries. Partner B should address the situation with employee F via option 2. The first step would involve transferring F to work for another manager who shows more tolerance for his emerging English skills, and who could take advantage of his high technical abilities. F should also begin attending English as a Second language courses at the employers' expense, so that he has an avenue to begin improving his communication skills. In addition, Partner B should send the supervisor to a diversity training course, with the hope of improving her willingness to deal with differences among people in a positive manner.

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