Quiz 14: Understanding Individual Behavior


Nice means something good. Here, the term 'nice' is used for a manger. It is a good trait for manager to be nice to employees but it does not work out in all situations. • A good and nice manager is able to win the trust of employees. • He can motivate employees well. However, being extra nice to people in the organization can sometime disrupt the discipline of the organization. A manager should be nice to employees to the extent where he is able to get respect and trust from the employees. Also, he must be able to motivate the employees to do the assigned work properly. Therefore, the manager's actions towards the employees should be at right time, at right place and in a right way.

Self-awareness means having a clear perception of own personality, strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, belief, attitude, intuitions and emotions. Self-awareness is the pathway of happiness and satisfaction. It is one of the important components of emotional intelligence. For being a good manager, self-awareness is very important because of the following reasons: • The first necessity for being a successful manager is understanding oneself. • It helps the manager to understand and interact effectively with employees. • Self-awareness gives the manager the power to adapt, communicate, build and maintain a good team. • It gives the manager ability to connect effectively with others. • Self-awareness allows a manager to understand the direction in which his emotions and thoughts are taking him. • It helps the manager to control his emotions, behavior, thoughts and attitude in the changing environment. • It facilitates better professional relationship with the employees. • It facilitates proper coordination with the employees. • It helps the manager in proper decision-making and increases credibility of the decisions. • Self-awareness helps the manager to lead with more confidence and effectiveness. • Self-awareness helps managers identify gaps in their management skills, which enhances skill development. • It aids stress management and motivation of oneself and others. High Self-awareness is the starting point for effectiveness at work for the managers. Managers with low self-awareness can face the following negative consequences: • Managers with low self-awareness cannot make proper decisions. • Managers with low self-awareness cannot properly recognize and control their emotions, behavior, attitudes and consequently actions. • Managers with low self-awareness find it difficult to evaluate themselves and to acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses. • Such managers lack confidence and cannot identify the proper gaps in their management skills. • Managers cannot properly establish sound relations with the employees. • Managers with low self-awareness cannot contribute towards the organization effectiveness properly.

S has a dilemma: The budget for a high-profile program she is expected to manage is flawed, and her new boss has told her to "make it work". S should choose option 2. Since S is in charge of the program, the project's success or failure will be attributed to her efforts - even though she was not on board when the original budget was developed. She should find the time to prepare an updated budget that falls within the original cost figure and gives the anticipated training to all front-line employees, but provides less to other staff. This allows her to be a team player without setting herself up as the fall person when the original budget proves to come up short for the project objectives.