Quiz 3: Managing in a Global Environment


Person Z is the CEO of company RTZ. The company wants to survey and score its managers and hired Ms. W's consulting firm. Mr. Z insisted his employees to score managers honestly and also provide additional comments in order to improve company's performance. Person Z wanted to change the age of work force, bring changes to the customer preferences, and the technology that is being used. Person Z and his company wanted to bring and adapt new changing internal and external environment. Person Z desired to bring changes inside the organization for the benefit of everyone. Hence, it is believed that Person Z desired to bring changes to the culture which is related to the external environment.

T Friedman used the term a flat world. As per him, the meaning of this term is that the entire world is being 'a level playing field' due to globalization. The characteristics of flat world are as below: • Today, there are many forces integrating the entire world on the same platform. These forces are called flatteners. For example, outsourcing, off shoring, informing, etc. • All human and natural resources are freely accessible and national boundaries are seen as irrelevant. • Due to improved information and technology, the world has become a level -playing field for entrepreneurs. • Digitization of information is the most important thing in the flat world. Information about anyone or anything can be shared with everyone. The main challenge in a flat world is that, competition is not limited to a particular area; rather every company has to compete globally. Due to rapid changes, everything becomes outdated soon. To survive in this world, everybody should be willing to learn new things and unlearn old things. Everyone should be ready to change themselves as time demands. One can prepare themselves in the following ways to manage in a flat world: • The person can communicate and collaborate more closely with their team members, even if he does not interact with them too often. • The person can do interviews with managers around the world. He can make best use of technology and establish a work-life balance for himself as well. • The person should be updated about the face-to-face meetings in an organization, should be able to lead and motivate the team

Obtaining a competitive firm's confidential information without permission and using that information to gain advantage is unethical. The boss might not have realized how much damage it could cause to the reputation of the company, if leaked. Going to the Company's legal counsel or the SCIP will only raise doubt for the company. Therefore, the best option is to talk to the boss in private. Make him understand how the unethical use of these documents can pose legal and public relation problems for the company. But if the boss tries to ignore these facts and still push to use these documents, proper authorities should be notified.