Quiz 15: Retailers, Wholesalers, and Direct Marketers


Integrated marketing communications coordinate promotional activities such as media advertising, personal selling, direct mail, sales promotion, sponsorship, and public relations. Role of integrated marketing communication (IMC): • Movement of the marketing strategy from the mass marketing to customer oriented strategy. • Identify and communicate the target market of the firm and the characteristics of the each consumer of the firm. • Create a complete database comprising customer information, brand preferences, lifestyle considerations, demographic data, and buying behavior. • Design an effective integrated marketing communication system achieving organizational goals for growing profits and sales. • Efficiently gather and manage huge amount of data for specific analyses. • Use direct sampling method to obtain opinions about the customer in respect to the goods and services of a particular firm. Benefits of integrated marketing communication (IMC): • Integrated marketing communication (IMC) strategy develops customer oriented marketing programs. • The system is receiver focused rather being product focused. • The strategy begins with the customer wants and needs and not the organizational goods and services. • It views the promotional mix with a combine goal to satisfy the customer. • Organization provides unified, consistent or else it may send conflicting information that might confuse the consumers.

Case synopsis: G acquired ad-friendly Y and D to increase its display ad business. G generated $1billion sales per year, which is a 40% increase that accounts for 4% of G's total annual sales. The company is dominating in the search field; but the ad cost is cheaper than that of display ads. Internet firms rely completely on the advertisement revenue. Hence, they bring a shift in the branding of print to television. Now, the company also has penetrated into the mobile advertising industry. G's online display advertising market affects marketers using internet for marketing communications: G has the ability to create a strong and dominant environment in any business they enter. They also dominate in the display advertising from the initial phase. The entrance of global giant into the market reduces the influence of others who are already in the business. Increase in online marketing users: When all entrepreneurs try to market their products through online network, automatically there is an increase in the users of such marketing.

Product : V cell phone service Product promotion : Product promotion is the increased awareness of a brand, product, or service for sales generation and brand loyalty. The basic promotional elements are personal selling, sales promotion, advertising, publicity, and direct marketing. Objectives of promotion : • Providing information to customers and other third parties • Increasing demand • Differentiation of a product • Emphasis on the value of the product • Sales stabilization Techniques used to promote 'V cell phone service': • Provide seasonal discounts • Provide cell phone offers and deals. • Lifetime program for specialty customers • Wireless promotional efforts