Quiz 11: Database and Direct Response Marketing and Personal Selling


1. As the company was targeting at database marketing and personnel selling to promote their product to individual customers, a very integrated and coordinated approach to marketing communication programs is required. Distributors should collect the data which could reveal how customers' relate themselves to the company's products. Information which will help the organization to establish a bond will have to be the focus. They should also try to collect the data from the customers to know if their product is good, fair or poor shelf space in off-sale outlets. 2. Company AB as a part of its marketing efforts was focusing on database marketing Personnel Selling. To maintain an effective data, distributorship can collect the data of customers like name, address, email, interest, preferences, birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions for them, how often they purchase a product, what preferences they have while choosing a product, why they choose a product from other brand, what kind of offers will impact their purchase decisions, why a particular product is getting more shelf space etc. 3. All type of information when collected and effectively used can provide a great insight to the founders/owners and will help them to design an effective marketing program which will help in increasing sales and building brand loyalty. They can use this data collected about the individual customers for personnel selling as when the company knows its customers it is easy for them to sell the product and earn his loyalty. 4. 5. Database can be used to send out the offers which are suitable for the customer. They can use the customers' birthdays, anniversaries to offer special discounts and thus win the customers, these customers can also act as referrals and also can 'Pull' the desired brand to the forefront in the off-sale outlets. Also these customers might create a positive buzz about the brand.

To build a data ware house for a music retailer firstly, I will distinguish between the operational and marketing data base of the organization. Marketing data base will contain the customer's information like their names, addresses, purchase history, customer interactions, surveys results, preferences etc. To build the effective data abase the information we will collect will be customer name, address, phone, email, type of music they are interested in, preferences for various type of music, their interaction with the organization like enquiries, complaints and requests, history of every purchase, also it will contain the records of the customer's visit to company website, permission for newsletter. We can use various resources to obtain the data like we can purchase the commercials list available in the market. We can also collect the data at retail store counters or by getting the surveys completed from the customers we can retrieve the data. Data can also be retrieve from cookies which stores information about customer's who visits the website.

Data base marketing refers to collection and utilization of customer data for the purpose to enhance interaction with customers and developing loyalty. Successful data base marketing program involves identifying customers and building relationships with them. The primary focus of data base marketing is retention and relationships but also, it is used for selling products. The two key activities of data base marketing are: • Building a data warehouse • Data coding The clothing website is effectively using data base marketing as to purchase clothes from the site one has to register on the website. They also have an option in which you can register or login using your Facebook account, user name, password. After signup the company sends a personalized email to welcome the association of customer with the organization. They have also asked permission for receiving newsletters from the organization. Company can further make its data base program effective by adding a small survey intending to know a customer's preferences and interests in the type of clothing they like so that offers which are of interest of them can be sent.

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