Quiz 9: E-Active Marketing


The case presents the rise of GG as one of the most sought after search engines. GG managed to rise to the top beating competition, using innovative marketing strategies, and adapting to the new trends in the market. Soon GG had a competition, search engine by a leading software firm. BG was also launched to compete with GG. However, GG retained the leader position in terms of market shares. BG tried various means and ways to beat GG in the competition. But GG maintained its leader position and remained unfazed with the tactics used by BG for winning. 1. MSC and BG should strive to spread awareness for their search engines to achieve the desired results. Following methods can be used to increase their market share: • Partner with various news agencies covering latest news from politics, movies, health, fashion, art, lifestyle, etc. to feature their content on their websites. • MSG and BG should use a combination of traditional and internet medial tools to spread awareness about the two search engines and reaching out to the masses. Traditional media tools are television, outdoor, radio, magazine, and newspapers. Internet media tools are social networking sites. • Extend various offers and contests to woo more and more visitors on the website. • Sponsor major events for maximum exposure to spread awareness about the search engines. 2. As an advertiser, BG is a new venture for me. It will have limited reach. However, GG is an established search engine and has a wider reach. Hence, I would anytime prefer GG for my advertisements as I want maximum possible reach for my advertisements. BG may prove to a cost-effective option for the advertisements but in order to achieve advertising objectives, effective reach is imperative. 3. Out of the two search engines, BG will facilitate a faster search engine optimization effort for the following reasons: • BG has a lesser market share. It has lesser advertisers to accommodate on its search engine. Hence, search engine optimization will be faster on this website. • BG offers a less complicated search engine. Hence, facilitating a search engine optimization will be faster on BG. 4. For an international company GG would be most useful for the following reasons: • GG has been able to expand its indexing and retrieval searches into approximately 100 languages. • GG has been able to offer searches in Asian and other challenging languages as well making it completely global with worldwide reach. • It has adapted to the changing trends of the markets to gain competitive edge. 5. In order to gain awareness BG will be featuring its ad in one of the leading magazine. It would be advisable to advertise in one of the most popular magazines with maximum circulation. The advertisement should have maximum reach in order to grab attention of maximum number of target audience. We would choose BW magazine that is read and preferred by college students, faculties, working professionals, and retired people as well. This will help us reach maximum number of readers at the same time leading to higher reach of the advertisement. Magazine has a weekly circulation. This will ensure higher frequency of the advertisement. Ad for the magazine The ad will present a graph showing vertical bars. These bars will represent the market share of search engines. One bar will represent GG and other bar will represent market share of other search engines. The tag line will say 'we are number two and we are trying harder to win your trust'. This will make an emotional appeal on the target customers and will trigger a response. Customer will visit the other search engines to know what features are offered by others.

E-commerce is a fast catching trend now days. Shopping has been made very convenient by online purchase option. During last one year, there have been number of purchases made by people of our age. Most preferred goods and services purchased online by people of our age are mentioned below: • Gifting options - Sending gifts, flowers or greetings through internet has become very convenient and reliable. The sender can choose the desired date and sometimes, even time of delivery to their dear ones. • Mobile phones - Online shopping offers great deal in mobile phones. Latest models or used phones are available for best prices. • Salon or spa vouchers - There are websites that provides discounted vouchers for various salon and spa centers offering great experiences for customers. • Grocery - Buying online monthly grocery is the best option available with online shopping. One just needs to place the order and the get the desired list of products delivered at doorstep. These were the goods and services purchased by young people though internet. However, parents and grandparents are still not very convinced and sure about online shopping. The limited number of products and services purchased by them though internet is mentioned below: • Magazine subscription - Elderly people prefer buying monthly subscription of their favorite magazine through internet. It is convenient and saves time. • Online ticketing and travel - Booking a travel through internet is not only convenient and time saving, it also offers a great deal when the entire travel is booked together. Ticket booking, hotel reservation, cab booking, sightseeing etc. can be booked online much prior to the travel date for a hassle free. • Grocery - Online grocery shopping saves energy and time of elderly people from physical shopping in stores.. • Home décor - Parents and grandparents also prefer buying bulky stuff like home furniture through internet as it is convenient and saves them from the hassles of transportation. Thus were the products and services purchased by young and elderly people through internet. Though elderly people are still not very comfortable with online shopping owing to internet frauds and credit card security risks, their preference is undergoing change towards online shopping owing to its various benefits.

BB is a leading multinational consumer electronics firm. It is a strong player in terms of e-commerce. It has carved a niche for itself in a relatively smaller duration. Its website offers enormous choice of options, ability to check if the product is in stock, price, product information, and a choice of delivery of pick-up of the merchandise purchased. The site is very convenient and also offers a fair return policy for customers. The benefits of the above mentioned features offered by BB are discussed below: • Save costs - Having a good and convenient online shopping website saves the brand from the incurring high overheads cost of owning and running a physical store. Customers prefer convenient shopping that can be experienced while online shopping as well. However, the shopping experience offered should be distinct, convenient, quick and offering personalized services. • Saves time - BB offers online catalog to its customers. This helps them to check if a particular product is available in the store or not. Furthermore, they can also find out the price of the desired product through this online catalog. This provides comfort to the customer and increases accessibility of the website. It saves a lot of time in calling up the store and conforming availability or price of a product. This enhances customer's shopping experience with the brand. • Attractive display - The website offers attractive display of products and their information too. This makes it easier for the customer to navigate through product options provided. • Compare and save option - Website also offers comparison option in which customers can compare two or more products of their choice. They can compare the products based on the price, features or any of their desired parameters. This comparison can be saved on the website for later reference. This leads to personalized services that are received very well by the customers. • Enhance trustworthiness - Websites offering online catalog, periodic updates, necessary information about the product, convenient shipping or pick up options, and a fair return policy are able to garner trust from their customers. Customers find such websites more trustworthy and reliable. Thus, customers are more likely to return to such websites for shopping. Thus, offering more and more information and convenience while shopping leads to the increase in customer base and enhanced brand reputation. CC is another leading consumer electronics brand dealing across locations. They have a website offering wide range of consumer electronics. Comparison between the two brands will be an interesting task. Let us take a common product from the websites, a camcorder for comparison. Following below is the comparison between two leading consumer electronic brands, BB versus CC in terms of website: • Presentation of products - Both the websites have attractive presentation of range of camcorders. Both websites offer an option to further narrow down the search in terms of features for assisting the customer to choose the desired product. CC offers a wider range of products than BB. While, BB offers a range of camcorders and useful accessories like cover, stand, and memory card on the same page. • Information on display - BB offers list of products, product images and its features on the search page. While, CC adds the price range on this page as an added benefit. This is useful information to be displayed along with the products. However, the webpage looks a little cluttered. There seems to be too much information on the same page, distracting the viewer at the first glance. Hence, BB scores a little more than CC on this point. • Pricing - Both the websites offer competitive pricing over their products. BB offers price beside the product along with the features. CC offers actual price, added discounts, and slashed price as well. • Ranges of products - Both websites have wide range of products. BB offers range of camcorders based on their features. While CC displays all the products prompting the customer to further narrow down the search based on desired features such as price, optical zoon, LCD monitor, or shooting modes, etc. • Comparison - This is a great feature available with BB only. BB offers the customer to compare between the wide ranges of electronics on the website. Once a product is chosen from the list, the website displays the detailed features of the product, availability, expected shipping time, and price. The display of rest of the products is continued in the bottom of the page. The page prompts for comparing the chosen product with any of the other product(s). There can be up to four comparisons among the chosen products. This helps the customer to compare among the final chosen product and finally make a purchase decision. Therefore, it can be summed up that while both the leading players of consumer electronics offer great deals to their online customers, BB scores a little more over CC. BB offers a better shopping experience by customizing the website as per the customer expectations. The precise display of products, clutter-free presentation, and comparison among the chosen products makes it stand apart from the competitors. This helps the customer to make a purchase decision and return to the website for further shopping.