Quiz 7: Advertising Design: Message Strategies and Executional Frameworks


Case Summary This case is of the famous American hip-hop group, Black Eyed Peas. It shows how a music band gained credibility to sponsor top corporate products. It also suggests the grate advertising acumen of the band member will.i.am. They are said to be among the fastest learners of the trend of downloading and piracy and did not rely on record sales only for making money. Rather, they ventured into corporate sponsorship and continued to increase their corporate connections. They were also directed by James Cameron, Avatar director in a 3D feature film. Owing to their creative marketing acumen, they have performed at NFL season-kickoff show, New Year's Eve in Times Square, the Grammy's, 's secret fashion show, and performed for Oprah Winfrey Show as well. 1. We will discuss the source characteristics for Black Eyed Peas as they are endorsing quite a few brands. A source or a spokesperson should possess the following qualities: • Credibility • Attractive • Rational • Reputable • Expertise We will look at each feature separately for Black Eyed Peas. Credibility A credible source is able to convey a message more convincingly. At the other end, the message sent by a credible source is received very well by the customers. Credibility is gained by the public image earned by the source. For Black Eyed Peas, they are quite popular and thus they score high on credibility. They garner the benefits of a celebrity. Attractive The band is popular among youth and parents as ell. It has been said they are able to make the young an old groove on their tunes. The band is young and physically attractive to gain attention and likeness. Owing to their attractiveness among people, they have done around 62 shows in a year and bagged the deal with brands like Samsung, Pepsi, Honda among others. Rational The source should possess rational qualities before it endorses a product or recommends the product to its customers. Black Eyed Peas have stayed away from controversies or scandal to gain rationality as a quality feature to them. They did face criticism for some of their work by a category of people but they were unapologetic about their success and did not get involved in word of war with their critics. They move on and continue to rock their audience with their music. Reputable Black Eyed Peas have garnered repute among their fans and corporate as well. This can be understood by the number of endorsement done them in the year, their increasing number of shows and performing at much desired occasions such as NFL season-kickoff show, New Year's Eve in Times Square, the Grammy's, 's secret fashion show, and performed for Oprah Winfrey Show as well. Expertise Surely, this one feature of Black Eyed Peas has been endorsed by many such as Randy Philips, CEO AEG live. Members of the band have earned an image which shows that are quite an expert in their domain. They are the most loved band, preferred source or spokesperson for a brand of repute and are still expanding their corporate connections. They understand the expectations of the corporate house approaching them to sponsor their brand. Hence, they put themselves in their position to honor their sponsoring and make the most of it. Type of product endorsed by Black Eyed Peas will certainly be important as they will sell something which will match with their image of a hip-hop band. They can't go around sponsoring home décor, baby food or utilities, etc. They will sound believable only if they sponsor products targeted for young generation, or high profile products etc. 2. There are a certain set of products that can be endorsed well by the Black Eyed Peas. We shall take a look at the said category of products: • Soft drinks - Drinks that are preferred by young generation should go well with Black Eyed Peas band as they appeal the young generation more. • Wafers and chips - Similar to that of drinks, even wafers can be endorsed by the band. • Fashion accessories, apparels and cosmetics - Again, younger generation will love to follow their favorite band with latest fashion trends. • Electronic gadgets - Things like smartphones, ipads, earphones etc with handsome features will be a huge hit among the fans. They love to click and share pictures with their social group. • Electronic appliances - Home theatre, music system, and karaoke equipments can be best endorsed by the band. • Car bikes - A band that has gained such popularity with masses can well sponsor an automobile brand owing to its celebrity status. • Banking - Even a banking institution may rope in the band to endorse some of the products created for the younger generation. Such as college accounts, saving schemes, or even loan schemes. The appeal of the band will pull off this segment as well. This may not hold good for each and every rock band. These product categories may well suit Black Eyed Peas owing to the huge popularity gained by their music and advertising acumen. However, just a rock band may not be able to pull these products well. For any other rock brand, the category will be limited to fashion accessories, soft drinks and wafers. Not too many brands will be willing to rely on them as their fans may feel betrayed by their numerous endorsements. Endorsements will depend on the popularity of the band. 3. For a television advertisement there can not be one target audience that will be captured. Television is used to gain attention of the masses. Hence, there cannot be one set of target customers through television. However, the time slot in which it is aired can lead to an increase attention of the target audience. Concert advertisement may yield maximum attention by airing it during popular shows. Hence, we will look at the most popular shows and will place the ad during that time only. The best suited message strategy will be Conative as it will trigger the action of booking a ticket owing to limited period of booking. The same can be executed with an informative framework. Though informative execution does not work well with TV or radio but it works wonders to grab attention of the high involved customers. An effective TV ad: The ad need not say a hundred words as the band is already established. They just need to reinforce the likeness and popularity of the band. An effective ad should feature the band stating the location and date of their planned event and inviting their audiences for the same. The ad should also feature some memorable pictures of their shows. Thus, lesser use of words is more likely to create a long lasting impact on the target audiences. 4. Black Eyes Peas are invited to perform at our university. We will design a print ad for our local student newspaper for the event. Message strategy We will use Conative message strategy to design the ad. This strategy will help us trigger an action by fellow students by booking a ticket during the specified time period for the event. This will ensure maximum attendance and selling all the tickets. The message should be able to emphasize that the tickets will be available for a limited time period only. Executional Framework The best suited execution for the said ad is fantasy. We will feature the band members performing against the background of our university. This will leave the students dreaming about their favorite band and their performance in their own university. img (The advertisement may have a picture of the band in the background.) 5. There are certain products that will worst suit the band if they choose to endorse them. We will discuss such products categories as under: Best suited products will be lifestyle products, fashion accessories, cosmetics, etc. However, products like home décor, home appliances or baby products are the ones which will not suit the band for endorsement. These are the products which may not sound believable to the customers if endorsed by the band. The products do not match to the image of the band.

We are required to pick any five advertisements from a magazine and identify their message strategy, appeal and executional framework. We shall also discuss if the right combination has been chosen and will suggest a better combination if required. We take a parenting magazine, CHILD - November 2012 edition. Advertisement 1 This is an advertisement of prunes offered by a reputed group. It has two pictures and lot of information about prunes, their benefits and how to procure their prunes. It also features picture of a mother holding her sleeping infant. Message strategy The advertisement uses affective message strategy as it attempts invoke feelings and emotions of the target audience. The grey scale image of mother and child grabs the attention almost immediately. It follows the emotional advertising by featuring the feeling of motherhood. The appeal leads to brand recall, likeness to the product and builds positive image of the product. Appeal The advertisement uses emotional appeal by featuring motherhood and emphasizes the need to take care of the mother too. Executional Framework This advertisement uses informative executional framework that presents information to the target audience in a straightforward manner. It provides all information regarding product, its benefits and how to procure the same. While the product uses right message strategy and appeal, it does not seem to choose right execution framework. The advertisement has too much information to be read and retained by the target audience. Only high involved customer will pay more attention to such advertisements. We recommend a testimonial execution framework, keeping in mind the readers, (parents) that would have suited better in print media. Advertisement 2 This is an advertisement of a toy brand offering building blocks that includes wild animals and human figures too. It shows two kids playing happily with building blocks at home. It also features other products of the same brand at the bottom. Message strategy It uses Conative message strategy as it emphasizes longer use of the toy, happiness of children while playing and educational benefit of the toy. It states that the toy inculcates feeling of responsibility and imagination in children. Hence, it attempts to elicit action by the target audience. Appeal It uses rational appeal as the reader is made to think the benefits of longer use of toy and that too for more than one kid. Executional framework It uses fantasy executional framework as the reader is made to imagine such happy kids their home too if they buy this product. Managing kids at home is a challenge for every mother. This shows kids being busy all by themselves. The advertisement rightly uses its message strategy, appeal and execution framework. However, it can also use animation as an execution framework featuring kids along with the blocks, animals and humans to attract attention of kids too. Advertisement 3 This is an advertisement of baby stroller featuring a modern mother walking with her baby in a stroller. She is shown crossing a staircase (two stairs) with any hassles and smiling against the background of posh building and working professionals. Message strategy The advertisement uses cognitive message strategy as it provides information about the product offering multi-uses for a modern mother. It attempts to influence the belief of a woman in terms of user friendly product. Appeal It uses emotional appeal showing comfort and joy of motherhood together. Executional framework It uses demonstration executional framework by showing various uses of the modern day stroller. The pictorial representation shows various uses such as: • Full reclining backrest for baby nap • Light and compact when closed • Folding system by one hand only • Wide and cozy seating • Cozy basket to store baby utilities This advertisement could have worked well with slice-of-life executions as well. Advertisement 4: A toothpaste advertisement featuring three steps of oral hygiene achieved in one step of brushing by the said product. It also shows the dentist validating the claim. Message strategy It uses the cognitive message strategy by providing information about the product, features and benefits. It follows preemptive message by claiming to be first to launch a product having benefits of three steps of oral hygiene in one step of brushing only. The Three steps are said to be brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. Appeal It uses rational appeal by making the target audience gather information and develop liking towards the product. Executional framework The advertisement uses informative execution by providing ample of information to the target customer. It also features catchy pictures and less content to read and retain. Advertisement 5: A massage cream used to prevent stretch marks caused after pregnancy. It features actress Ali Landry posing her last trimester with her testimony of satisfaction by the cream. Message strategy The advertisement uses Conative message strategy by making the target audiences believe the effectiveness of the cream after it is testified by an actress. It also shows the picture as to how the cream works from innermost layer of the skin to prevent stretch marks. Appeal It follows emotional appeal by making mum-to-be women believe that stretch marks can be prevented to regain beautiful skin post-pregnancy. It may also use rational appeal to show how the cream works to prove its claim. Executional Framework The advertisement follows fantasy execution by making women feel and believe that the said cream will prevent ugly stretch marks post-pregnancy. Hence were the five advertisements being evaluated on their message strategy, appeal and executional framework. Each has used the most suitable type to grab customer attention suiting their products.

Super Bowl is the most watched American television program with maximum viewers. Major brands feature during this television show. We will compare the advertisements on the basis of: • Message strategy • Execution framework • Type of endorsers Message strategy Super Bowl receives great amount of attention for its advertisements. Hence, a lot of hard work and creativity is put in to create its ads. There are people who view the program primarily because of its advertisements. Earlier Super Bowl used Transformational message strategy predominantly as it was more preferred over cognitive message strategy. However, it reduced its advertisements with transformational strategy and increased the use of cognitive strategies. This change could be due to change in demand of advertisements of the makers. The transformational strategies were more popular for products with low involved customers. However, cognitive advertisements were more liked for products with high-involved customers. The ads that are being aired in Super Bowl today are more with Conative strategy as they elicit the viewer to make a buy decision. Thus, the selection of message strategies contributes to the difference in the likeability across the two product categories. Execution Framework The executional style that was used mostly was informative executional framework. However, there are more of dramatizations or fantasy based advertisements that are gaining popularity based on the preference of the customer. Endorsers Super Bowl game is gained quite a lot of popularity in the broadcast media. There are huge number of males and females who watch this game in huge numbers. However, the choice of endorsers has been with dominant male-sex-appeal to grab maximum attention. Male endorsers are closely double in number to that of female endorsers. Advertisements in Super Bowl did undergo some evolution but predominantly the idea behind choosing a strategy or endorser remain gaining maximum popularity and induce customer's likeness to buy the product.