Quiz 2: Corporate Image and Brand Management


The consumer started associating company N with the mentioned scandal, thus creating a negative image. People started thinking that company N is also involved somehow with it. Thus the scandal was having a very bad and negative impact on the image and brand value of company N. This scandal has such an impact on company N's image that, decline in sales was noticed. In addition it took many efforts to rejuvenate and create a right image in the eyes of the consumer.

Delton office Supply Company was in operation from last 50 years and was also a dominant player capturing 85% of market share in office supply. Recently companies like office depot providing low cost supplies came into market and cut the share of Delton. According to a survey results it came to know that Delton possess an image of being pricey and outdated with an above average customer service. The company can create a right image by evaluating the company's present image. In addition the future communication should be tailored, to promote proper image to the customers, suppliers and employees. Company should also identify strength and weaknesses, and then a strong image can be combined with an opportunity in external environment to take strategic advantage. They should focus on customers to know their views about company and then take decisions, regarding how they can correct any misperception. They should rejuvenate the firm's image. It helps firm to sell new products and attract new customers. The company should remain consistent with its previous positive image and at the same time expand the firm's target audience by incorporating new elements. They should create new advertisements and align their marketing campaign to change the image in a positive way.

Corporate image refers to the identity which an organization holds in the eyes of its customers, partners, employee etc. It is the picture which is being perceived by hearing the name of the organization. Bluenotes jeans project an image of jeans with a tag line 'if jeans could talk'. They project an image of real jeans which seems as if they will speak. They provide customers with customized jeans and a variety is available. Thus, customer can choose the one which they want. They are a customer oriented organization which is providing jeans at affordable price. McDonald' s portrays an image, where they serve the quality food and they have the same quality whether you buy the product in United States or some Asian country. Thus they have the image of same quality food anywhere. They also have various offers deals for their customers. Products are projected as value for Money. Their advertisements and websites are consistent. BMW Motorcycles projects the image of the producer of an ultimate riding machine. They manufacture the motorcycles of best quality. They also focus on safety of the rider thus all the products are made accordingly. Various offers 7 promotions are also listed on website. The image they project through their website is consistent with the advertisement. HP projects its image of being brilliant and continuous progress. The image projected in website is consistent with the advertisement image. Portillo's has also projected an image of best restaurant services, food and they have also aligned the website in consistence with the advertisement. Thus all the organizations these days are careful about creating an image which is positive, integrates their all marketing communication, so as to create positive impact on consumer and also find ways to engage their consumers.