Quiz 1: Integrated Marketing Communications


Zappos.com is an online retailing organization focused on selling shoes to people looking for a larger inventory but want to have exactly right model in stock. Now, it has diversified its business including clothing, bags, house wares and beauty products. A feature of Zappos.com is that customer can return the item and get full credit with free return shipping with up to one year if the item does not fit or the customer thinks it's not right. The image that Zappos.com possesses in United States might translate to the European markets. Reason being there excellence in customer service, which is a demand at any market. The level of importance for customer service might vary in different countries thus, they have to study the target market in Europe and find out what is important to the customer and then stand behind that. By using a mix of standardization and adaptation approach it can enter into European market with an effective marketing strategy.

Today most people use Twitter for social networking to connect with friends and groups. They also follow various organizations to know what is going on in those organizations. A Local business which uses Twitter can be a confectionary in one's town. It books orders via Twitter, shares his customer's feedback to prospective clients. It also offers incentives and discounts using Twitter to promote its business. It also advertises its products from time to time on Twitter. A national organization which uses twitter is Procter Gamble. They are using twitter to be connected with their customers; also they are engaging their customers in a two way communication so that they will be able to make P G marketing communications more effectively. Twitter is being used as an effective tool for marketing by various organizations. They announce any offer, discount or event about company or products on Twitter first. They use it to engage customers in a two communication to promote their products. They also gather information both positive and negative shared by customers about a product or company to improve. For every small happening there is a tweet shared by the company which helps to engage customers. Also the followers of the organization make it more popular as others who are following them will also get to know about that organization. Thus it is like a chain.

They have also listed the promotions about their products. Churchschicken and bojangles have used strategy to engage customers by forming a club. They send various deals and offers on the email ids of customers. In addition, bojangles also give coupons to its customers for signing up and referring a friend. Bojangles website is the best, as it is well integrated, user friendly and gives a real picture and positive image of the organization. Chickfila website is least liked, as it is not user friendly.