Quiz 15: Managing Human Resources Globally


Being a director for corporate development for the US based company named DL instruments, PS faced difficulty while planning for his career move. Having an engineering degree from the University of TXS at DLS, PS worked for DL instruments. Later on PS was enriched to be the first manager for the subsidiary company of DL instruments located in ND. The dilemma started when PS was asked to return back to the US headquarters to engage with the roles and responsibilities. List of questions that PS can ask to the people at headquarters in DL before deciding whether to relocate or not are follows: • Should try to know about the team and employees currently working, and about the changed work culture at headquarters. • Having a new role to work on, PS should try to focus on work nature of the current vice-president, as he has to work under him directly as in charge of strategic development. • Should question on cost of living allowances, as he has left Dallas in 2003, and the things might have changed in the past few years. Gathering all the information before arriving to the decision will have a positive impact on the decision over PS's career. PS should definitely think and decide on whether or not to accept the opportunity.

Being offered with a lucrative opportunity to serve as an expatriate for next three years, one would be excited. At the same time, he/she would be curious to understand the career path How will the individual adjust in that country What training will I be undergoing to adjust there What will be my career path after I will be back home How often will I be visiting my family or who will take care of the family Can they accompany me, what about their trainings. What would be the duration of the stay there

Salary increase in a city or country is based on various factors. When making a forecast two main traits considered are cost of living and inflation rate. Most of the developing countries are found to have two or more cities with increasing salary traits. As in these economies most of the companies are outsourcing their operations which cause an urban sprawl in these cities causing the increase in average salary. In addition the availability of the skilled workforce leads to salary increase in the city. Few economies which are found to have an increasing salary in more than two cities include China, India, Russia, Brazil, and South Africa. The salary increase is associated with following reasons: • Availability of skilled labor force • Inflation in the economies • Increasing GDP