Quiz 14: Competing on Marketing and Supply Chain Management


Being a part of fashion chain, the global apparel retailer ZR excels in both marketing and supply chain management. It pushes two-third of the complete sales in the industry. There are over 200 stores of Zara in 88 countries, and the stores occupy some of the priciest top locations in various countries. In general, four P's of marketing represents product, price, place and promotion. The role of four P's behind the global apparel retailer ZR is explained as follows: • Product: The global apparel retailer ZR's success lies in the fact that it responds very quickly to the changing needs of the customers. Moreover, it does not outsource its manufacturing process, and produces new varieties of garments to its stores worldwide. • Price: The main motive of ZR is to provide its product at reasonable prices to its customers. The success of ZR lies in its premium pricing strategy as customers find its price quite affordable. • Place: One of the main factors behind ZR's marketing is that it is a vertical integrated retailer. It designs, manufactures, produces and delivers its products itself. ZR has its stores present in around 8 countries and 90 percent of them are owned by the company itself. • Promotion: ZR has a unique marketing strategy as it invests only 0.3 percent in media for promotions. Instead, it uses the money in opening new stores. The key marketing strategy is based on exclusivity, experience, differentiation and affordability that leads to its success in the market. It relies mainly on word of mouth advertising. Thus, ZR excels both in marketing and supply chain management to succeed in the market as a global brand with its unique image and strategies.

Yes , every country has an official animal that is the national symbol for the various countries which represents the country itself and its citizens. A marketing expert chosen by the Government of a particular country can best market the country using official animal. The marketing expert can show that the particular market is superior to others by using national symbol as an animal of that country. Using official animal for market helps in showing what a country values, its strength, cultures and traditions. It also expresses a lot about the country and its citizens. Using an animal, marketing expert can market unique image of a particular country to the rest of the world by showing its cultural identity. Thus, selecting official animal for marketing is the best way to represent the country and presenting its unique image to the whole world.

The countries with highest logistic performance can be measured by logistic performance metrics. The logistic performance metrics measures performance of internal and external logistic functions. Internal component of the logistics includes production, transportation, and warehouses. External metrics constitutes of satisfaction of consumers, investors, and other stakeholders. Countries with highest logistic competence are as mentioned below: • Singapore (Asia) • Netherlands (Europe) • Germany (Europe) • Sweden (Europe) • Austria (Europe) • Japan (Asia) • Switzerland (Europe) • Hong Kong (Asia) Most of the countries in the above list are from Europe. So, the continent which leads in logistic competence is Europe, followed by Asia. Reasons are as mentioned below: • Europe has better logistic infrastructure. • Custom clearance is faster. • Better tracking capabilities than other continent. • International shipment is better in Europe.

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