Quiz 9: Consumer Culture


The attendance at a university sporting event holds a unique position. In some of the games the attendance is huge and it is difficult to get tickets for such events and in other games there are hardly any spectators. There are many factors that could prove responsible and decisive in making the students at the university to attend college events. Some of the factors that might have the greatest impact in making the students to attend the sporting events in the college are as follows: • Use of social media could have a great impact in bringing students to attend the college basketball game. The college administration could develop an online community that should focus on promoting basketball events among the student community. • Social media can also be used to create a buzz about a basketball match that is to be held in the college. Many companies are using such social media to create buzz about any event in order to make people attend the event. • Flash mob have also been used by companies in order to create awareness about an event. In flash mob people gather together and there is spontaneous dance by people in order to promote the event. • Mobile marketing can also be used by administration in order raise awareness about the event as many college going students use technology readily, they could be attracted by promoting the event through the use of mobiles. Thus, the factors as given above could have great impact on student attendance at the college basketball events.

A consumer culture represents the values that the society holds about the things that are gratifying in nature. Culture helps in shaping the everyday life that is related with these commonly held beliefs. In current scenario places from different parts of the world have become one. Culture helps in identifying the practices that are held in these different parts of the world. Thus, culture helps in shaping consumer activities. The college can create a community that would work primarily to make the student interested in attending sporting events in the college. The community can make an online presence on various social media platform and get connected with the students. The community should also comprise of students from various departments and should work in highlighting the importance of students attending the sporting event. The community should also point out that in case students do not attend the sporting events, then it would demotivate the players and would result in losses that would eventually result in bad reputation and image for the college. Thus, a unique competitive environment should be created in the college wherein the students should be motivated to attend sporting event so that it would help the college team in feeling motivated that would eventually help in winning more games. At the same time the community should also ensure that the students who attend the sporting events should have fun in the games. This could be done by having performances from college students before the start of the games and in between the breaks. This would also ensure that a fun filled environment is created at the sporting events and the students would feel motivated in attending the events the next time around. Thus, a competitive and fun living culture should be established by the college community so that the attendance of the students at the sporting events could be increased.

There are various benefits and dangers that universities face when they include social media in their marketing campaigns. Social media which could be used to connect with students could also be used by unscrupulous people to harass others. Some of the benefits of using social media for marketing campaigns in universities are as follows: • Social media platforms are frequently used by students. The students remain fairly active on various social media platforms and share various types of information on such platforms. Thus, universities can connect with students on these platforms very easily and can pitch for their campaigns. • Social media platforms can also be used by universities in getting feedbacks from the students about a particular event. Universities can share live updates and involve students in the event. • Social medial platforms could also be used by universities in order to create a buzz about an event. This helps in making students aware about the event and helps in increasing attendance at an event. Some of the dangers of using social media campaigns in universities are as follows: • Students that are part of the social media campaign conducted by a university can gather personal information about other students who have joined the online campaign. This could result in sharing of such information with others by the students. • The fellow students who have joined the online community could receive harassing and vulgar messages from students that might have joined with fake profiles. This could derail the marketing campaign and could tarnish the image of university conducting the campaign. Thus, above given are some of the benefits and dangers of using social media for marketing campaigns.