Quiz 5: Motivations and Emotion: Driving Consumer Behavior


It is necessary for the owners to expand the business by spreading the awareness regarding the climbing. Also, the safety measures that are included in the facility need to be conveyed clearly to Baby Boomers who were afraid of climbing. Apart from this, it is to be promoted that the climbing would be more challenging for them as it gives extra power and energy. Moreover, they should be educated by explaining the immense positive energy and the self-confidence it builds. In addition to this, they need to show them practically how safe and secure would be the climbing. The necessary precautions that are taken by the team should be clearly explained to them. As a part of marketing, the owners should concentrate more on the web site design and the content which would educate most of the viewers.

Rock climbing is different from that of the routine workouts most people do at the gym. In addition to the physical fitness, it gives more strength and joy while climbing. It gives an opportunity to meet new people at the climbing gyms which give relief from the boring lives. Most people show interest in climbing as it would give a chance to spend more time with the family members even in the hectic schedules. Though there are many reasons, the full body muscle strengthening and the experience of achieving would be the main motives behind rock climbing. Definitely, rock climbing would be the hedonic value rather than a utilitarian. Rock climbing is an adventurous event which gives more excitement and energy to the participants. They would also have great experience in meeting and interacting with new people. Hence, all these represent the motivations of the hedonic value. The main motivation would be the strength and energy that is acquired by rock climbing. It is considered as a whole body workout for anyone who participates which eventually increases confidence.

An activity done by a person for the sake of inner happiness rather than for the rewards or any other value is said to be intrinsic motivation. During this process he might enjoy the fun and relief rather than the other outcomes. This state of flow would occur in the rock climbing as they need to have fun and good experience spending time with their family. Irrespective of the age both generation x and baby boomers show interest in the rock climbing though some might afraid of the heights and failure. The main reason for developing interest towards the climbing is the strength, skills and techniques. The curiosity in learning new things and having fun by climbing would bring self-satisfaction. Hence, the intrinsic motivation would occur by the rock climbing.