Quiz 20: Ethical Marketing in a Consumer-Oriented World: Appraisal and Challenges


These questions require students to step back and consider the whole marketing plan. All semester they have been learning about individual pieces of the marketing plan - with only modest discussion of how the pieces fit together. While the marketing plan generally fits together pretty well, there are certainly parts to criticize. An instructor may start with the questions above, but ask students who have critiquesor even compliments - how they might have done a better job. Students should be encouraged to defend their ideas by referring to information from the situation analysis. This keeps the discussion focused on best practices.

The need for marketing is to satisfy customers at a cost which a customer considers as a good value. In order to evaluate the impact of marketing on the society one must focus on both customer satisfaction and cost of marketing. It is very useful to distinguish between the two levels of marketing. There are two levels of marketing. These are: • Managerial marketing • Macro-marketing Managerial marketing is concerned with the marketing activities of an individual firm. Macro-marketing is concerned regarding how the whole marketing systems work. Few have complained that marketing are aimed at only one of these levels at a time. In different scenario, it is seen that criticism seems to be directed to one level but actually are aimed at the other level. Some critics are not satisfied with any kind of advertising. Thus, while evaluating a market each of these levels separately. Evaluative criteria are a situation when a customer selects a different product that they usually buy. This can be due to quality, price and features. Few customers before making a purchase do full research and compare with different products while few makes the decision spontaneously before buying. Customers can change their mind in the last minute for their own reasons.

Various nations have different kinds of social and economic objectives. Some nations have objective about serving the society and helping the poor people and some nations have the objective of maintaining the culture of the society. Some economic objective of the society may be to optimize the cost of producing and delivering goods and services. The merits of various economic objective of the society helps in maintaining and saving financial resources of the country and also helps in reducing debt. The country will be able to utilize the financial resources for serving the society and helping poor. In a country like US where the objective is to satisfy consumer needs, the consumers are given free choice to choose whatever they want. They also have to choice to live the way they want to. That is why the citizens don't want to leave the country as they are enjoying this freedom. The citizens have political and economic freedom as well. No, it is not feasible as the consumers can demand anything and may choose anything also the country also will not be in proper discipline and may lose its all financial resources. Consumer satisfaction is something which cannot be measured whether it is for lower income groups or upper income groups. Because the demand of every individuals are huge and there are lot of individuals in a country. Even the best product will also have some criticism in the market. So, even if everyone is determined in satisfying citizens or consumers they cannot achieve that even for low educated and lower income consumers.