Quiz 18: Implementing and Controlling Marketing Plans: Evolution and Revolution


The marketing plan does not provide specific recommendations for managing complaints. An instructor might ask students why they are not included - and whether they should be. This level of detail may or may not be needed in a small business like Hillside Veterinary Clinic. It is likely that the owner of the business is handling most complaints in person - or is overseeing others who handle complaints. But it might be useful to make explicit how complaints are handled. Most importantly, customer complaints identify areas where implementation is a problem - so complaints must be recognized and addressed both with the complaining party and internally to minimize or eliminate future problems. Sales and performance analysis may be useful - even at a small business like HVC. A sales analysis may be helpful in determining which services are growing and which may be declining. Performance analysis looks for exceptions or variations as compared to plans and may also give insight about the profitability of particular services or perhaps types of patients (animal). Dr. Hardy might develop specific sales targets for each service - and then see how sales compare to the plan. A cost analysis may be helpful in evaluating the profitability of each service offered. The plan indicates that Dr. Hardy believes that dental services are particularly profitable - but we do not know how she made this determination. A cost analysis would be a rigorous assessment of profitability. The marketing plan includes a pro forma income statement - which might be used to assess progress toward Dr. Hardy's long-term goals for the clinic.

Technology plays a vital role to carry effective marketing operations such as providing quick access to business information, online payment process, quick response to feedback, etc. Now-a-days, companies are using e-commerce and digital marketing concepts to reach target customers, advertise their products, collect feedback, etc. Consider Company AZ which has extensively used information technology in its business to meet market demands. AZ is a famous restaurant which serves its customers with all Asian dishes. The restaurant maintains food standards and prepares tasty dishes to satisfy its customers. One unique strategy of AZ has attracted many customers in the city was preparing customized dishes i.e. dishes are prepared out of the menu that were asked by customers in between 6pm to 12pm. Due to this reason, there was a huge crowd in the restaurant. The company faced issues to serve the crowd as per their need and couldn't facilitate customers with proper seating arrangements. To avoid these issues, AZ has owned a website and mobile application through which, the orders are accepted and delivered to customer's place. The company has generated huge profits by implementing its marketing strategies using information technology.

Now-d-days, organizational functions are inter-related to each other working collectively for the purpose of achieving the organizational goals. It is because of this dependency, each department on the other has gradually increased with roles and responsibilities of each department going beyond for fetching the fruitful results to the organization. The assistance and coordination have improved with the involvement of technology and software, where it is a prospective platform to stay connected on regular basis for the overall improvement. Marketing managers should not leave the accountants to develop reports that he or she would use to improve implementation and control. The reasons are as follows: • The marketing managers needs to focus on various factors for setting up target, planning and executing them. It is a difficult task for them to act upon mere facts provided by the accounts departments that were drawn out of the previous results in the real time marketing strategies. • The potential areas or the areas that require attention or improvement need to be identified. A strategic plan must be developed by the marketing manager with the vivid knowledge of the marketing trends going on in the current market. • The control or at least knowledge over the financial data on regular basis would help the marketing team to design a strategic plan. This will create control over the market demand and supply fluctuations and helps in making a progressive plan. • The advent of technology into the business world has made the alignment of various functions simpler with platforms like intranet, consolidated dashboard etc. wherein the managers were granted permission to witness day-to-day transactions. This would review the progress with reference to actual plans and provide potential assistance to make changes in the plans as per the requirement. Example:  In a TSDF (Treatment, Storage, Disposal Facility), the plan of marketing and business development (MBD team) need to be designed with the assistance of all the departments as logistics ( for commutation arrangement), finance ( for the purpose of checking the outstanding and receivables with respect to the vendors), and Human resources ( for deploying the manpower). Hence, the mere data by the specific department may not fulfill the potential plan for a marketing team and hence, the managers involvement is essential for the overall growth and development Thus, it can be concluded that the involvement of the multiple departmental functions will help an organization to develop a plan that reduces the burden for few. This would also help the organization to achieve its vital goals.