Quiz 9: An Overview of Advertising Management


Advertising as a promotional mode is very effective form of motivating target customers towards buying products or services of particular category. Following are the functions of advertising: 1. Informing : Information about the brand is basic need of marketing communication. No effort is useful until awareness about the brand is made to market at large. Informing audience at large through advertising is more important than other functions of advertisement. It is because of two reasons; it reaches to public at large at relatively less cost per contact, and information about new uses of brand via advertising makes the other marketing communications' efforts more productive. 2. Influencing: Advertising helps marketing communicator to influence customers' buying decision. Information or awareness about the brand is important but if advertisement is not influential then it may not persuade customers towards buying advertised products. For example, presenting a brand of energy drink as substitute of energy, health and taste can influence customers to buy it rather than buying different brand for different features. Thus, in competitive market influential advertisement is more important than others 3. Reminding increasing salience : Information about the brand and making it more influential are prerequisites of advertisement but it becomes effective when there is continuity and consistency in reminding such efforts. Advertisement helps in keeping the brand fresh in mind of customers. All the efforts of information about the brand and making it influential are worth when it can remind customers to buy the product at the time of actual buying. Thus, reminding and increasing salience is very important. 4. Adding value : In competitive market it is very important for the communicator to make the brand better than other competitive brand. This need is facilitated by adding value to the brand in advertisement. Innovation and quality of product helps in changing the perception of customers and influence them to consider the advertised product better than others. A statement about the brand that shows how quality is better than others can make the advertisement efforts more effective. Thus, adding value should be given prime importance in advertising products or services. 5. Assisting other company efforts : Advertising helps the marketers to assist in marketing communication efforts such as delivering coupons and sweepstakes. It also facilitates the company to assist sales representatives by giving information about company's products and prospective customers in advance. Assisting sales staff through advertising reduces the time required to familiarize with product and market.

Advertisement is said to be "a deposit in the brand equity" because it helps in building a strong brand among target customers and facilitates in giving competitive advantage to the company. Advertisement is influential and ensures customers' loyalty towards the advertised brand. Less effective and inconsistent advertisements of any popular brand may not be considered as deposit to brand equity. Thus, in order to make the brand effective and building a positive image of brand among customers it is very important to make strong advertisement. Following are the features of strong advertisement: • Advertisement provides all necessary information about the brand in effective manner. • The investment in advertisement should be continuous. Marketers should be consistent in providing information about the brand in the market. Customers have a tendency of forgetting the product once they stop seeing advertisement or when competitive brand shows more advertisements. Thus, continuous and consistent efforts in advertisement should be reflected to influence buyers. • An advertisement should prove how product is better than others by presenting information about value addition. For example. Information about quality, price, and offers can persuade customers towards buying advertised products. Considering above features of strong advertisement, marketing communicator can build a strong image of products or services in the mind of target audience. Lack of any required effort in advertising can lead to cost in form of loss of customers interest in product or services.

Usage expansion advertising is an advertisement of brand by adding information about more usage of products or services. Competition in the market of homogeneous products is sometime hard to manage for marketers. Apart from quality, marketers can focus on usage of products in advertising information statement. Expansion advertising is very cost effective way of building brand in market because it helps in delivering information about other uses of brand. Examples of expansion advertising: • An advertisement of popcorn advertises the product by adding it as tea snack apart from movies entertainment. • Similarly, a brand of liquid detergent provide multiple uses of detergent that is on clothes, kitchen cleaner, and color enhancer that motivate customers to give preference to the brand over others.