Quiz 17: Terrorism, Multinational Criminal Justice, and Global Issues

Criminal Justice

Principles of Islamic law: The Islamic law is a duty system and rituals found on legal restriction and morality certified by authority of religious leader. The leader makes command which the faithful obey. Structure and activities of criminal justice in Muslim nation based on Islamic law: There are four aspects of criminal justice that discusses Arab philosophy and religion which constitutes to the structure of Islamic criminal justice. They are as follows: 1. A sacred trust is a duty humanly imposed for being discharged genuinely and truthfully. 2. A mutual respect is a human being standing for another 3. Aspect of social bond holds the society together 4. Accepting command of God The 3 rd and 4 th aspects are invoked commonly in Islamic jurisprudence forming base for criminal justice practice in mid-east countries.

Important organization in international crime justice: Interpol is considered as the most important international legal support organization began to operate in 1946 and developed up to 190 members in 2011. Fighting against international crime: • It is a clearing house of offensive information and suspects operating across various national boundaries. • Europol - integrated police intelligence which gathers and disseminates arm to member nations in European Union. • The mission of the organization is improving effectiveness and cooperated services within member states if European Union.

Causes of terrorism: Terrorism is built up on considering social circumstances such as poverty and political corruption. It also relates to international environment of boundaries across nations. Nations provide physical assets and base for terrorists to grow, function, in the direction of organizational leadership. Efforts in U.S. government to prevent and control spreading of domestic and international terrorism: • Legislative resources that enhance terrorist punishments • Creation of government agency (Department of Hland security) • Issue reports suggesting strategies to respond to terrorism The U.S. government spends splendid amount of money to prevent and react towards terrorism.