Quiz 14: Prison Life

Criminal Justice

Prison subculture : Prison subculture is the culture of prison community where the inmates adapt or react to the deprivation of incarceration by creating the prisoners subculture and acting accordingly. Subculture's influence in prison life is given below : They are mechanisms that prisoners implement in the population to handle with the realities of the prison life. They are derived from a force to have control over the individual's surroundings, or at least small division of the environment. As the prisons authorities' manage all aspects of the prisoners' life in the conventional earth, the improvement of subculture cannot be restricted by the authorities that provides the prisoners a means of practicing control in the real world.

Meaning of Prisonization : An adaptive process each prisoner undergoes soon after arrival in a prison setting is called as Prisonization. During Prisonization, prisoners are thought with criminal values and prison lifestyle. The development of U-shaped curve is given below : W's U-shaped curve characterizes the method through which prisons abandon conventional values they encounter in the jail setting. The U shape reflects the degree of commitment to subculture value characteristic of the prison; hence, it is shaped like the letter U. An individual can understand Wheeler U-shaped curve will help to prevent recidivism by acknowledging the evolutionary process prisoners go through by better preparation for the transitions.

"Women's prisons differ from men's prison" Explanation: Thought there are more males in prison than females, but the number of women imprisonment continues to grow drastically. The difference among male and women prisons is in the social structure. Researchers have come out with inconsistent result, but several scholars argue that women prisoners construct pseudo families. The sexual relationship between prisoners will differ; the staffs and prisoners are having sexual relationships in women's jail. The violence in women's prison is less frequent. T he reason for women's prisons studied less often than institution for men because, women's prisons are different in the size of prisons populations and there are differences in their involvement in criminal activities. It is a fact that, male domination was higher in the field of criminal justice during early days of improvement of discipline.