Quiz 29: Corporate Acquisitions and Multinational Corporations


img will win the case. Company M did not disclose the information about the selling of nursing home and other factors such as reversal of infringement patent case. Several vital information were kept secret and the voting was faulty as the members of the incumbent directors were involved in patent infringement. Al these factors are illegal and thus goes in favour of Mr G.

Share Holder Resolutions: The Securities Act of 1934 empowers share holders to pass certain resolutions to others provided the share holder owns shares worth of at least $ 2,000. Share Holders have the authority to approve certain resolutions which are meant for the benefit of the public in terms of protecting the public health, public safety and environment. Facts: A Medical Human Rights Committee owns a substantial portion of shares in D Chemicals. The D produces N as one of the products. The Human Rights Society objected to the production of N based on the grounds that it endangers human life. The Company refused to pass on the resolution and the shareholder appealed to include its plea in the resolution. Outcome: In this case, the Medical Human Rights Committee is going to win the case because it is having the resolution making authority. The Committee owns a substantial portion of the shares in the company to pass on a resolution and in case the management does not accept its resolution, it can win the battle legally. Therefore, it can pass on the resolution and is going to win the case.

img , Mr B cannot get back on his claim. Mr B had initially accepted the offer out of his own choice and even taken payment for the shares. He cannot claim foul play after accepting the payment initially. Hence his claim will not be accepted in court.

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