Quiz 13: The Art and Science of Marketing


The decision of keeping the production in United S would definitely solidify the brand's image in the mind of the target customers. Localized production in United S itself would symbolize the company's commitment towards quality over pricing. It would mean that the high quality of the product is given preference in the company. The localized production would also allow the company to bring in more flexibility in making new styles and designs for attracting the customers. This would be difficult with overseas production. Finally, localized production would be seen as politically and environmentally correct as it would not involve the shipment of clothes from overseas.

If the investors of company R pants were looking for quick return them Ms S would have to go through established retailers instead of functioning on her own. The reason behind this is that established retailers have higher chances of getting the pants sold. Investors who are seeking quick returns would not be interested in making a strong future for the company. These kinds of investors prefer to earn as much as they can in short term rather than waiting for long term. Due to this Ms S would have to go through established retailers because it would provide them more exposure. The decision of going through with established retailers would not be beneficial in long term because then she would have a lesser control over the marketing of the product. However, since the investors want quick returns therefore she would have to forgo the option acting on her own.

The marketing strategy of talking to small groups of women at their homes does not seems to be efficient as we are used to seeing large organizations marketing directly to a mass customer base. However, the company R Pants does not want to become such a large organization. Instead, its goal is to market specialized clothes to a small number of customers and therefore this strategy can be very effective due to the rapid emergence of social media. The market segment for the pants of the company is not huge as they are primarily used by women for performing manual labour. Since the number of target customers is less therefore direct word of mouth publicity would be pretty effective.