Quiz 10: Managing Employees Performance


The case discusses about how an organization which was using performance management as a forced rating system for performance appraisals moved to performance acceleration program. In performance acceleration program employees for supposed to meet their managers 4 times in a year and they used to discuss the goals instead of his scores. they used to discuss on what is going right what is not doing right which things to continue where to improve. This has resulted in a culture where employees were more focused towards achieving the goals and on knowledge sharing. Overall efficiency of the organization as a result increased. Any performance measurement program could check for its efficiency based on the validity reliability and its acceptability. This performance acceleration program seems to be valid and reliable. This program has validity as it was providing the same results as it was intended to. The program was able to improve the performance of employee and organization as a whole. That is what it was designed for thus it passed the validity criteria. Reliability refers to the results consistency. This program was providing continuous feedback for improving employee's performance by managers making it a reliable process of performance management.

The case throws light on that most of the organizations use various attributes and traits for performance management year on year. The major included quality of work, cooperation, attitude, dependability and reliability, communication skills and attendance and punctuality are being evaluated for determining the performance of the employees. Attributes which refer to the qualities or characteristics of an individual while page are the habits of a person which are difficult to change. In this case mentioned quality of work, attitude communication skills could be referred to as the attributes of the employee. While cooperation, dependability, reliability, could be referred to as traits which are the habits and thus are very difficult to change. While the organization can use trainings, coaching and counseling to improve the quality of work, change the attitude, attendance and punctuality or even communication skills but cooperation, reliability, are the inherited habits which are very difficult to change.

The case shows how performance management is used in most of the organization. It suggests that most of the organization highlights negatives of employees during performance management. Also, the employees are provided with support or ways to work on areas of improvement instead they are left to make it by themselves. However Mr.'D' manager who pays attention to work, on how to accomplish any improvement in employees, which was suggested in performance management process. Performance management is a process where management ensures that the employee's activities and outputs are able to meet the organizational goals. This involves setting new goals and objectives working of quality and providing feedback to the employee areas of improvement by the Manager. Three major purposes to be achieved by performance management process which involves strategic administrative and development purposes. Strategic purpose focuses on aligning employees objectives with the organizational goals. Employee's performance is measured against the set goals to determine the areas of corrective actions like training programs feedback sessions etc. If you are on their performance of employees has not improved in any organization it suggests that organization is not taking the corrective measures in an effective manner. They are not providing the correct feedback to employees or the kind of support or training required to achieve the goals. Development purpose is focused on imparting the employee with the skills or knowledge needed to achieve the set goals based on the feedback. If employee is not improving year on year in poor Performance it is clear that the development plan of the employee is not taken effectively and there is lack in performance management process. Administrative purpose of the performance management involves decisions with regard to Pay increases layoffs promotions etc. These decisions have a greater impact on motivation of employees if performance management process do not involve proper feedback, support to improve or incorrect analysis employee will get inappropriate pay rises, demotions, layoffs etc. which will impact organization's efficiency. As evident from this case the continuous poor performance is because of improper feedbacks, training and development programs and could result in inappropriate administrative decisions posing negative impact on organization efficiency.