Quiz 4: Analyzing Work and Designing Jobs


The given case is about UPS, the largest package shipping company in the world. The company introduced a system named O for its drivers to perform more efficiently. The company invested significant time in developing the system. Benefits UPS derived from using O to help it make drivers work more efficient: With the help of O, UPS is able to gather valuable data from customers, vehicles and driver's handled computers. The system also analyzed data even times for pick up and delivery to meet the special request placed by the customers. With this information, the system designed easy routes for the drivers that use minimum time and fuel with minimum distance. This helped the drivers to work more efficient.

Telework is the most common form of flexible workplace in country U. t refers to a work arrangement in which employees are not supposed to travel to an office. Tele working has served an extended form to flexible working arrangements which drastically changed the working environment across the world. Advantages of Telework which makes it the most widely used form of flexibility: The organization is not required to pay for the skyrocketing prices of office space with the introduction of tele work. They are able to offer the employees with extreme flexible work schedules which ultimately boost their morale. Tele working arrangements also helps in reducing the rate of absenteeism and supported the corporate strategy by supporting social responsibility. No commuting helps in eliminating the effects of green house emissions.

In simple sense, workflow can be defined as a set of tasks which are grouped in chronological order into processes and people in order to accomplish a given goal. It helps in streamlining and automating the repeatable business tasks which ultimately minimizes the chances of errors and helps in increasing the overall efficiency. Consequences might an organization expect to result from the conditions described by the AT survey: The conditions described by the AT survey are related to absence of work flow analysis. Absence of work flow can dramatically affects the business and management can fail in making wise, quicker and smarter decisions. Work flow analysis is done to provide the workers with the things that they need to succeed. If there will be no workflow, the management will not be able to empower them to collaborate in a productive and agile manner. The conditions described by AT survey reveals that people in an organization need to gain more insight into business process. It can be done by mapping out the process in a workflow to get a more clear view of the business. Absence of workflow analysis can lead to harming of the bottom line of the business and the business will be executing tons of unnecessary and redundant tasks daily.