Quiz 2: Trends in Human Resource Management


Outsourcing has become one of the most increasing trends of business activities. It is a practice of hiring a third party to provide a service. The human resource departments have a lot of responsibilities and duties to perform in an organization. Therefore, the HR department delegates some of its activities to the outside professionals so that they can focus on the tasks that have a direct impact on the core business. Outsourcing as strategic sense: The most important thing for an organization to consider is strengthening their primary product and services. This is the fundamental reason that management outsources responsibilities so that focus can be shifted to experts. Management of company L O'L decided to outsource the administration of employee benefits considering that this activity did not contributed to the company's strategy. It makes strategic sense when HR activities that can affect the core business are given emphasis by delegating some tasks to a third party. It free up funds for other activities those are more crucial for the business. Moreover, it is always beneficial to gain an outside expert source supporting the organizational process and overall business strategy. Outsourcing allows access to competitive edge providing head start over competitors.

The time of recruiting an employee, filling a job role and expecting him/her to stay for long is no longer prevails. Today the employer and human resource managers need to have a strategy to retain the employees because they cannot expect them to stay for long. The human resource managers are not only required to recruit a right talent, but should also develop a plan to keeping the employee engaged and loyal. Challenges and opportunities employers face in climate where half of the employees feel ready to leave: The very first challenge is that replacing an employee is really expensive. It costs a considerable amount of fund to find a replacement of an employee. Then, the employer need to incur a cost to train the replacement. It takes a lot of time, effort and resources to find talented people. Moreover, replacement happens to take considerable amount of time. Meanwhile, the present workforce can be overloaded with extra amount of work and responsibilities that can lead to dissatisfaction among them. As an opportunity, the employers should try to understand the reasons of job hopping. job hopping is basically an outcome of unhappy workplace. They must take it as an opportunity to make improvisations in the working environment.

Human resource and line managers must collaborate together because the ultimate interest of both the departments is vested in ensuring that the organization achieves success. The collaboration could lead to line managers becoming more proficient in their area. It ultimately frees up the time of human resource managers and they can devote more time to strategic decision making regarding HRM. Ways that HR managers might improve their helpfulness to line managers: • The human resource department should support the needs of workforce of every department. For this purpose, it is very much essential for the human resource department to establish an open line of communication regularly and frequently with the line managers. It will help in determining the required skills and capabilities for the seamless operations. • The HR managers must involve the line manager in crafting the strategic planning. This involves reviewing the projections regarding meeting the future business demands and preparing the current workforce for the same. In this way, both HR manager and line manager can work together on meeting the immediate and future staffing needs. • The HR manager can support and advise the line manager on a number of leadership aspects. This will help both to maintain a consistent approach to performance management. • The HR manager must facilitate a positive relationship with the line manager to handle the workplace investigations in easy way. This will help in mediating the differences between staff and resolve conflicts more easily.