Quiz 4: Job Analysis


Nowadays, employees do not need to travel a distance for accessing each other. Internet is the medium by which they can communicate with each other irrespective of their geographical position. But when compensation depends on the performance factor, it is significant to find out and explain the differences and similarities among the jobs of these employees. Job analysis is the method to find this out systematically. Creation of internal structure is of either jobs-based or person-based or both. But it every case the method is to first assemble and sum up the job content data that discovers the differences and resemblances, then find out what to value and evaluate the comparative value and convert this value into internal structure. Job analysis is essential for every major personnel function. Managers of organizations can design the hiring procedures after recognizing the expertise needed to do a specific job. In case of evaluation of performance, both the management and employees can concentrate on the required skill set and attitude towards job. The information which is gathered in job analysis provides help to the managers for defending their decisions when questioned. The compensation should be equal when the work content is same whereas when the work content differs, the management should provide different compensation to their employees depending on the market rate. Again till now this is quite problematic for management involved in taking decisions about compensation, to ensure that the collected information is valid and useful for the employees and managers of the organization.

Job Description for a Customer service agent Job Title: Customer service Agent Job Summary: Accountable for handling all kind of complains and queries of customers through e-mails and phone calls. Relationships: Reports to: The team leader 9 customer Service) Works with: The customer service team External Relationships: Customers of company H Qualifications: Any graduate with good communication skills. Responsibilities: • Pass information between buyers and sellers. • Answer questions. • Resolve occasional disputes. Yes, the day dairy includes sufficient information.

Internal alignment stands for the way an organization aligns, sets or lines up the various positions in the organization accordance with the pay relationships that those jobs/ skills/competencies carry. Job analysis stands for the process and procedure in which the duties of particular job/s are determined quite deeply in detail. In this, the job requirements are described and the kind of duties that is needed to be delivered by this job position is mentioned. Job analysis and internal alignment are related with each other unless an organization does not analyze its various job positions in the organizations, it would not be able to determine the kind of duties and responsibilities that each position has to deliver and provide. In job analysis, the organization also analyzes about the kind of easy, complex or difficult tasks and duties that every position has to deliver and depending upon these details, the pay structure of the various positions are determined. This is the reason why job analysis and internal alignment are related with each other as when an activity of job analysis is completed, and then an activity of internal alignment starts and this is the reason both of them are dependent upon each other and cannot take place unless one gets completed.