Adam Is Going to Be Taking Care of His Mother

Question 89
Multiple Choice

Adam is going to be taking care of his mother as her health is declining. Her husband is deceased, and Adam has no siblings or spouse to help with the caretaking. Adam loves his mother dearly and wants to help her in her time of need. Which of the following can Adam expect as the caretaking duties continue? A) He will probably feel angry, resentful, depressed, or guilty at some point. B) While he will have to give his time to caretaking, he should not expect to have to make a financial investment in this responsibility. C) As long as he remembers to take time for himself he probably won't feel any increase in his stress level, unless his mother's health becomes dire. D) He should expect his mother, at some point, to insist that he place her in a nursing facility so that he doesn't have to be "burdened" with her caretaking.