Quiz 1: Sociological Perspective


After reading a national newspaper over a period of one week, an expert named SPJ has been identified who used sociological perspective in his commentary. Within his report, there were elements about women empowerment and how even today women in rural parts of the country are still not independent when it comes to put forward their thoughts and actions. In general, sociology is not only a discipline, but also a profession if an individual is interested. The knowledge an individual acquire on the past and present of the society can be used to benefit the society. The basic sense an individual should emphasize on is that, sociology is a group spirit, and only should be achieved with a group work. Some of the professions in which sociology can be used are as follows: • Teaching, • Research, • Politics, etc. Some of the different subjects about which sociologists provide expert information are poverty, women conditions, importance of education, crime and delinquency, population, violence against women and children, etc.

A research was conducted by the sociologist, Ms. K on the myth of black teenage motherhood. She has surveyed on a group of black teen mothers about the myth that depicts teen mothers as one who promotes welfare dependency culture with teen pregnancy. Ms. K findings based on research reveals that the black community does not support the teen pregnancy for welfare checks; rather they struggle hard to develop their identity due to unemployment and lack of education. Poverty, lack of education, single parent households make their life more vulnerable to search for love and create an identity. Unfortunately, disruptive social and economic conditions make the myths about teen pregnancy. Research conducted on middle-class teen mothers and poor teen mothers has a considerable difference. The difference lies in their standard of living, access to education and employment. The middle class teen mothers possess at least good number of basic amenities which are not available for poor teen mothers. Basic amenities such as food, shelter and a basic earning source will be available among middle class teen mothers. They will be in a position to support and take care of the pregnant daughter along with the welfare checks. If the daughter is educated, she will be able to manage the maintenance of the home and support the family. On the other hand, in the case of poor teen mother where the family is deprived of basic amenities like food, clothing, shelter, money becomes necessity and they condone teen pregnancy to survive through welfare checks. It also becomes difficult to support and maintain a heathy condition of the pregnant teen for poor teen mothers. The only similarity between middle class and poor class mother is the public image that do not values the women and ill treat them. Both the mothers are mostly deprived of education and are suffered with single parenthood.

Socialization: It is a means through which individual's gain information regarding a particular ethnicity to which they belong. Here, individuals follow both the norms that are self-imposed, and predefine by the community. Every society takes the responsibility to have individuals, who are ethically strong, i.e. a responsible individual towards the society. Each society implements its own ethical standards to improvise the behavior of the individual. In general, socialization refers to group norms which make a younger generation learn the adult role. Sociology is a study that deals with part of a society and works for the betterment and development of society and nation as a whole. Sociologists work their best to give insights that could be possibly breaking the myths and leading the examples of sociologically developed society. The students who have finished degrees in sociology may have used the study in different ways as follows: • To understand the group dynamics, and various aspects of the society including race, culture, etc. • To understand the team spirit in solving the social problems. • To understand the human relationship, and its importance in the society. • To understand their past, and design their future. • To choose it as their profession, and serve the society in all means.