Quiz 13: Project Supply Chain Management


Downside of brining in the project workers too early in the project: Sometimes it is helpful in a project to assign the project workers in the early stage of the project. But there are a few shortcomings to bringing in these workers too early in the project. The downside of bringing the project workers on board before they have to perform their activities is given below: 1. They incur cost. For highly paid workers, it may incur huge cost and can be impractical. 2. The workers may have to finish their previous project commitments before they enter a new project. Thus, they cannot enter a new project as and when needed, they need prior information and notice. Irrespective of how early the worker is brought to the project, the communication between the individuals and their boss must be kept open and free.

While in the midst of the project, the project manager realizes that there is a need to get on board additional members on the project in order to complete the project on time. For this, the project manager can convince the project sponsor in the following manner: 1. Telling the sponsor the additional benefits that the team will get once the member enters the team. 2. Telling the sponsor about the work not being completed due to lesser number of members. 3. Telling the sponsor about the delays taking place due to shortage of members in the team. 4. Convince the sponsor by talking and discussing with him the various drawbacks of not having required number of members in the team. For getting on board, a new member on the project, it is necessary to first share the charter and agendas and minutes of the previous meetings of the project with the individual to familiarize him/her with the project scope and goals. Then a one-on-one discussion with the individual must be organized to brief him/her about the project and to solve his/her queries. Then, the new member must be introduced to both the project team and to the stakeholders of the project.

Plan human resource management: The key objective of having human resource management plan is to have right number of employees, at the right time, having right kind of skills required to accomplish organizational goals. Develop project team: The objective of the develop project team process is to improve competencies, team member interaction, and overall team environment to enhance project performance. Manage project team: Team management aims at optimizing team performance by providing feedback on individuals' performance, managing changes and resolving conflicts between them. Acquire project team: Acquire project team is the process of confirming human resource availability and obtaining the team necessary to complete project activities. It deals with assigning team members to the project, securing the required team members, and effectively allocating them to the project team. It focuses on getting right person for the right job which means that the individuals selected have appropriate knowledge and skills about the work to be carried out and are able to complete the task within the given time frame. Therefore, the correct option is (b).

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