Quiz 1: Introduction to Project Management


Project is a short term effort which is undertaken in order to create a distinctive service, product or a result. It requires planned work efforts in an organized form which is elaborate on the basis of the discovered information. Every project has limitations in terms of resources like time, money and people. So, these projects should be in an organized and planned way with a definite start and end.

Every project consists of common terms and things in general. They are the goal, scope, mission and vision of the project. Each and every project also has some constraints that need to be taken in mind while formulating the plan of the project. Depending upon the requirements, every project requires a proper schedule for formulating the set plans for attainment of the goals and the objectives of the project. All this process requires some level of budget to invest into project. Other than these, common things include communication among all the levels, stakeholders, and life cycle of the project.

Project Manager : Project Manager is a person who has to lead the team for achieving the objects of the projects. Project manager has a responsibility of planning and execution of the project, works on the project from start to closing of the projects. Functional Manager : Functional Manager is the ongoing manager of the organization. They determine how the work should be done and supervise that work. Project Team Member: The member who actively works on the project, at some stage, during the project. Sponso r: Sponsor is a person or group that provides the resources for the project, reviewing the project report, and helps the project manager throughout the project life cycle. Project Sponso r provides resources or support for the project, promotes, protects the project at higher levels of management, and takes an active role in the project from the chartering stage through project closure. Therefore, the correct option is (d).

There is no answer for this question