Quiz 5: Local Area Networks


• WI-FI is a technology which is used to connect the devices to a network making use of wireless protocol. • This doesn't need wire or cable to connect to the router. • Through an antenna the signals of the router are emitted and devices capture these signals to connect to a network. • Mostly all devices of this generation are WIFI enabled. • To use internet wirelessly through a router by using WIFI to access different sites. • Therefore, the answer is WI-FI.

Network A network is a collection or group of two or more computer which exchange data with each other. According to the area coverage network is classified into four types which are as follow: PAN (Personal Area Network) • Personal area network is a network of interconnected personal devices which can communicate with each other and can exchange information. • The range of Personal area networks is about 10 meters. • PAN supports only a particular person instead of supporting multiple people. Examples: Cell phone, Bluetooth, Projector. LAN (Local Area Network) • Local area network is a network of computers which are connected to each other by wireless connection or by a communication line within a small area. • The range of Local area network is very small that is within a school or café. • LAN is very useful in sharing various resources like printer, files Examples: LAN in schools, café, Airport WAN (Wide Area Network) • Wide Area Network is a network of computers covering a large geographical area. • It may cover nation and other country too. • WAN connects many LAN and MAN. • ATM and SONET are the technology used in WAN. Examples: Internet, VPN MAN ( Metropolitan Area Network):- • Metropolitan Area Network is a network which covers an area more than Local Area Network and less than Wide Area Network. • Multiple local area networks are connected within a Metropolitan Area Network. • MAN provides a high speed communication. Example of Man: MAN in college campus, city

In a wired Ethernet network, the router is used to connect the network to the other networks. This scheme is implemented to access the internet and the router connects the network to internet. The router has its own IP address. By this IP address router is recognized and accessed. Now, to access the router configuration software the IP of the router is required. The steps are to access the router configuration on are given below - 1. First, connect the PC to the router by the Ethernet wire and complete the IP setting in the PC. Now the PC is in the network and recognizes the IP address of the router. 2. Open the browser (any browser can be used like Google chrome, Firefox). 3. Enter the IP address of the router in the address bar of the browser. The default IP address is given with the router itself that is in most cases. 4. Press enter, then the login page is fetched and with the help of username and password, the router configuration and settings can be accessed. Therefore, the answer is that "To access the router and its configuration software, you open your Web Browser and type the router's IP address. These are the major steps to access a router configuration software in a wired Ethernet network.