Quiz 3: Software


Location based apps helps to make use of the Google maps to locate the nearest locations by making use of GPS and internet connection. Therefore, the correct answer is "Location".

Application Software is a set of programs which are used to make tasks much easier for the user to utilize them. There are many types of application software; they are listed below: • Music • Video • Graphics • Data Management • Spreadsheet • Accounting and Finance • Mathematical Modeling • Statistical • Entertainment • Document Production • Reference • Education Some of the above application software's are discussed below: 1. Music Software: • Music software helps to find and download music albums easily from a single place. • Recording, manipulation of recorded music can be done. • It helps to burn a CD or DVD simultaneously. • ITunes is considered as one of the most widely used music software. 2. Video Software: • Video software helps to edit the raw footage into more entertaining video. • It can record a video by using a webcam or a monitor tracker. • It can arrange different video clips into a single video along with back track music. • ITunes, Windows Movie Maker are best suited examples of video software. 3. Graphics Software: • Graphics software helps to create and edit pictures or graphics. Few such software are: • Paint Software is used to create pictures or graphics by means of using electronic pens, brushes and other coloring tools. • Photo editing software is used to create or open and edit pictures, photos and logos to make them more beautiful and attractive; by using advanced color themes, brightness, contract etc. • Drawing Software is used to draw objects such as lines, shapes etc on the pictures and photos to make it more informative. • 3-D Graphics Software is used to develop three dimensional viewing of the object by making use of wireframe. • Computer Aided Design Software (CAD) is used to design heavy duty architectural or mechanical designs. 4. Mapping and Location Based Software: • Mapping and location based software is used to locate the geometrical location of the desired object, place or a path by making use of Global Positioning System (GPS) through internet. • Google Maps is one of such mapping and location based software. • GPS is almost available in computers, laptops, mobiles, tablets etc. 5. Business and Number Crunching Software • Business Software: • Business Software is the software which is designed to handle business strategies. • There are two types of business software i.e. horizontal market software and vertical market software. • Vertical market software is designed mainly to automate a single business with all its activities. • Horizontal market software is designed to utilize or fulfill certain business activities. • Payroll software, project management software etc. are examples of Business Software. • Number Crunching Software: • Number Crunching Software is designed for planning and analysis a task and its progress. • Spreadsheet, statistical software and modeling software are some of the number crunching software. 6. Desktop Publishing Software: • Desktop Publishing Software (DTP) is an advanced version of word processing which is based on frame. • This is available in two versions namely professional-level version and consumer-level version. • DTP is very useful in fields like publishing. 7. Personal Finance Software: • Personal Finance Software is used to manage the in-flow and out-flow of money either in an organization or used for personal use. • Money management software, tax preparation software are some of them.

Database Software A database is an organized collection of related data.  Database management system (DBMS) is a software system or a tool which is used to store data in form of sequence of records. Each record in database is made of field which is used to store data for single entity - name, place, event, things. Finally the series of record is presented as table. With the help of database management tool a user become able to create database that is collection of record, update and delete data from database and retrieve data from database. MySQL, PastgreSql, Microsoft SQLSERVER, Oracle, SAP, FoxPro are examples of database tool. Therefore, the appropriate word to fill in the blank is database.