Quiz 17: Human Resource Management


Synopsis of the case: C is a modern entrepreneur, who had started the copy center and translation business. Later she joins for a graduation course from C business school. A is an information technology (IT) Consultant who is slowly trying to become a freelance information technology (IT) worker. Ak language consulting business: • A found that the Non-English speaking population in U.S.A is gradually increasing with the increase in the number of translators and interpreters. • It insisted the couple to start Ak language consulting business with both translation and information technology. • The company broke out $1 million annual revenue in two years. • Ak's staff grew, and the company had 33 language clients and nine information technology (IT) customers. Their revenue jumped from $20,000 to $1.2 million. • They found that the language business flourished more than the information technology which made them cutoff the information technology (IT) business from further operations. • Ak's customers seem to be increasing but the revenue reduced. • C and A feared the next level of business because the more they spend on marketing and sales, the business shrinks. • They plan to hire an outsider to manage their business. New Chief Executive Officer: A new chief executive officer cannot carry the business as well as they had done because it will take time for him to understand and analyze the situation. Instead, they can appoint a mentor to guide them in the proper way. Example: They had closed down the information technology (IT) business which was the base for producing software for translation. It increased the production costs when the information technology (IT) was outsourced. It is a bad idea to have closed it.

Advantages and potential pitfalls in hiring your friends: Employee Hiring: In a small business firm, an employee is hired at the point when the business expands. A good employee increases the profits, but a bad employee incurs massive cost. Advantages of hiring friends: • Knowhow about the individual abilities, expertise, and personalities are well known. • There need not be any amount of time and money spent on background research. • The job allotment can be easily done. • There cannot be any unwanted or uninformed leaves as the reporting authority knows about it. Potential pitfalls in hiring friends: • The friend should be a hardworking candidate; if the person does not comply with this condition, he will not satisfy the business needs. • The person has to fulfill the key requirements such as educational qualification, job description and other criteria; it might become wrong job for wrong person. • The recruited friend should not directly report to his own friend; there might be partial actions or commotion between other equal employees. • There should not be any binding or relationship in the workplace; it will create unwanted waste of time.

Difference between job analysis and job description: Job analysis is the process of determining the duties, responsibilities, and the skills required for a particular job and the kind of person to be hired for the job. Job description is the component of job analysis. It is a description of the job duties, responsibilities, and hierarchy of reporting in reference to each job. Hence, the difference between the two is that job analysis is the core aspect and job description is a part of the job analysis.