Quiz 18: Establishing and Maintaining a Retail Image


Retail image: Retail image is the image created by the retailer in relation to the positioning of product, process, retail category, and their competitors. The image should be able to extract positive consumer reaction with distinctive and consistent representation. Retail image creation and maintenance is more complex, multi-faceted, and an on-going process. It composes criteria more than an atmospherically appearance. Example : A fuzzy restaurant : X is a fuzzy restaurant that has no proper ventilation, seating arrangements, suppliers, and mannerism to be followed.

Value-based retail image: A value-based retail image is an image created based on the value that a product will provide to the consumer. It includes product selection, purchase, delivery, and also after-sale services. A store selling "new computer" projects a value-based retail image through the advanced features, capabilities, design, and other innovative functionalities. A store selling "used computer" projects a value-based retail image through the capacity, capability, brand image, certification, and accuracy gained.

Concept of atmosphere: "Atmosphere is a psychological effect" that customer derives from visiting the retail outlet. It refers to the shop characteristics (sights, smell, attributes) that draw the customers toward them. Atmospherics in a non-store based firm is the catalogs, websites, and vending machines. Visual merchandising: Visual merchandising is a proactive or an integrated atmospherically approaches appealing to the look, product display, and enhanced physical environment that attributes to stimulate the shopping behavior. Concept of atmosphere is not the same as visual merchandising , but atmospherics is the initial phase and visual merchandising is an approach of the current innovative era. It has formed a new trend in creating a "retail image".